We are praise singers but we won’t glorify wrong doing


It’s not in our nature to celebrate anyone’s fall from the grace but there are always exceptions in life. We’d like to join our beloved President in welcoming the resignation of Foreign Affairs & International Relations Minister, Hon. Stanley Kakubo with a warm heart! Not that we have anything against Kakubo; he’s a very good man – he’s a down to earth and very humble man! Unfortunately, he found himself ensnared at the centre of controversy that effectively rendered his continuous stay at Charter House no longer tenable!

Last year, Kakubo was captured on camera leaving a Chinese factory with a paperbag containing a “calendar and a diary.” Unfortunately, another recording of him has found its way on social media where he’s seen receiving substantial payments in local and foreign currency for whatever transactions! We have no business poking our nose into Kakubo’s personal business affairs; but he must appreciate he is a public figure and whatever he does is likely to have a bearing on society at large.

Honestly, in this era of advanced technology, couldn’t such payments have been effected by a Bank transfer? Alternatively, wouldn’t it have been prudent to simply raise some cheques? We are not even surprised that Kakubo has quickly found support in no other than Bowman Lusambo; our friends in PF are used to shortcuts! If you challenged most of them to give an account of how they accumulated so much wealth in record time, including President Lungu who was scrapping a living in Chawama shanty compound, you’ll hit a brick wall!

For the record, we’d like to reiterate that we’re praise singers but we definitely won’t glorify wrong doing! We didn’t risk our lives ridding the corridors of power of violent party cadres, kleptomanias and Mafias to be replaced by a cabal of selfish and greedy individuals that won’t even “eat” or “share the spoils” with the very people that gave them power! Why can’t our leaders pick a leaf from our president who has a track record of using his own resources to sink boreholes in our communities and supporting vulnerable people in society? Of course we are not asking them to do things on the same scale as the president as they may not have the same capacity but a simple measure of love is all we are asking for!

To those few individuals who may still be lurking in the corridors of power or indeed those known corrupt party officials, your days are numbered. We’d like to warn you to refrain from any further corrupt practices, pronto! We know you and have got dossiers on you!

To give a few examples, after “eating” the Black mountain in Kitwe all by themselves, these corrupt and selfish individuals have now shifted their attention to the Green mountain along the Chingola road. When operations initially commenced at the said mine, ordinary members of the public were at least benefitting something to buy bread and butter for their families. Before long, some known selfish and greedy party officials confronted the Chinese buyers of the ore whilst armed to the tooth and threatened to shoot them if they continued with the transactions.

Hasn’t the President said no caderism? When did cadres assume the role of law enforcement officers? Isn’t this Panga behaviour reminiscent of the PF days?

We are also not happy with some of the stories coming out of the Ministries of Mines and Agriculture; a lot of things are happening there. We won’t get into details but leave it up to the investigative wings to do their work.

What’s wrong with human beings…….why can’t you just serve your people with honour and diligence?

Until next time!

Prince Bill M. Kaping’a
Political/Social Analyst


  1. Ba Prince, if you have evidence of wrong doing by some UPND big wigs, just float it on social media. You will be doing the country a great service. Otherwise if you have the evidence and decide to keep mum, you are an accomplice.

    Let us make it difficult for corrupt elements to practice their evil.

    Don’t just threaten or complain. ACT.


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