We Must Stop Calling Young People Trying To Earn A Living As Illegal Miners- Hon Kang’ombe



…….notes the need for stakeholders collaboration to create opportunities for the youth to do safe meaning.


Patriotic Front National Youth Chairperson Christopher Kang’ombe says the Culture of calling the youth trying to earn a living as Illegal Miners must come to an end.

Hon Kang’ombe said there is need to create opportunities for the youth to ensure that they are operating from safe sites.

He said this calls for collaboration between Government and different stakeholders.

He said “Safe Mining means you live home in the morning, you need to have an identication card and ID, people must be able to identify.”

Hon Kang’ombe who is also Kamfinsa Member of Parliament said this when he addressed party structures in Chingola District enroute to consoling some of the affected families of the Seseli Mine accident.

He said the accident has brought anxiety among most families on the copperbelt and the nation at large.

Hon Kang’ombe said he is certain that those who are still trapped will soon be found as he used rescue teams to double their efforts while they continue doing a good job.

“We must create opportunities for them to be able to do mining activity. We need to ensure that the are they are operating from is safe. The business of calling our young people as illegal miners should come to an end. The idea that people are going to earn a living, it is important that for purposes of legislation, we need to stop using this term as illegal. The moment we agree as stakeholders, both in Government and those not in Government, we must find a way in which our youths will be able to do safe mining,” he said.

Meanwhile, Hon Kang’ombe took time to encourage Party members against being swayed by distracters.

He said the idea that when one loses elections they have to join another political party must come to end.

He also mentioned that what seems like a confusion in the Party is an orchestration of the UPND Government who are scared of a PF resurgence.

“We will go to the court. We will expect the courts to do the right thing. If the courts of law do not do the right thing, the Zambians are going to judge. For us as the PF, we want to remind the Courts to do the right thing,” he said.

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  1. I can’t believe this is coming from an MP who is supposed to know better! Is the mining at the dump site regulated? Do you have any department over seeing safety? Do the people use any Personal protective equipment? This disaster was going to happen because there is nothing to prevent runaway water from entering where these people were working. Don’t show us your ignorance. It’s Not very surprising, he is a PF member of parliament.

    • Nothing comes up from PF desperation cadres will talk sense. Let us see them donate food and other PPE at site than talking sheet without sense.
      Talk without action is useless and no one understands you dear.

  2. And we must stop calling young people stealing as thieves, they are enterprenuers trying to make a living with whatever knowledge they have.

  3. There goes another PF member of Parliament sanctioning wrong and illegality. Was that their mine? Did they have any mining safety? Those ILLEGAL MINERS were probably working for someone that probably paying them peanuts. What did the PF do to create jobs for those miners. Better keep quiet.


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