The average Zambian youth today only think of Alick Nkhata as a road in Lusaka.
He was actually one of the greatest musicians this country has had.

In fact the man devoted most of his life to preserving traditional Zambian music by producing and recording it for radio.

As a musician, he was part of the Lusaka Radio Band and performed regularly on Zambian radio during the 1950s.

He had both a radio and music career up until the early 1970’s when he decided to move to his farm in Mkushi where he hoped to devote his attention to singing and writing new music.

Unfortunately only four years later, he was accidentally shot by Zimbabwean forces during a cross-border raid against Zimbabwean freedom fighters.

Some of his popular songs include “Shalapo” and “Maggie” that are available on most major streaming platforms like Spotify and Deezer.


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