THE wife of the embattled Bishop John General alias John Nundwe, Maureen has urged the christians to remain resilient in the face of challenges.

This plea follows recent allegations against her husband, who was purportedly caught in a compromising situation with a married woman during a prayer visit.

In a packed Sunday service, Mrs Nundwe, taking charge of the pulpit, assured the congregation that, despite the obstacles, she and other church members are unwaveringly devoted to supporting her husband Bishop John General.

Mrs Nundwe, in a show of resilience and love, openly expressed her commitment to her husband.

“I love my husband so much! No matter what happens or what comes, even if the stormy rains comes, they will find me with my general,” she said.

And addressing the women in the congregation, she emphasised the importance of standing firm in the face of difficulties, urging them not to let trivial issues break their resolve.

“I want to encourage women here that we need to stand firm not a ka small issues you break,” she said amid jubilations by the excited congregants.

She also drew attention to the tactics of deception employed by individuals who aim to disrupt marital harmony.

Mrs Nundwe also cautioned women in the church against engaging in inappropriate behavior with her husband, issuing a stern warning that she will sue one.

And in a call for unity, Mrs Nundwe requested the church to join her in prayer for her husband, emphasizing the need for collective spiritual support during trying times.



  1. Ninjala…hunger. lazy woman that he openly mocks and abuses knowing she is going nowhere if she leaves him. That is why he ploughs other people’s fields…she was probably even talking to him on the phone as he ploughed. She is encouraging other women to be zombies like her. What a shame. The bible condemns adultery both in the old and new testament. I feel sorry for the gullible congregants who don’t even know Nundwe’s concubine is just after their money not serving them. God forbid.

  2. This lady should have just kept quiet instead of trying to be a hero by defending her husband. Let the husband defend himself.

    As for the congregation, they are showing a serious lack of spiritual depth. The Bible clearly says an elder must be above reproach. His reputation should never be questioned in any way.

    This so called general has brought God’s name into disrepute and if he had an iota of remorse or decency in him, he would quit leading that church.

    However, him and his wife probably regard this as their personal property hence they are not answerable to anyone, not even God.

    As for “rape”, this is a case of two adults consenting. Did the husband of the “rape” victim know about the prayer arrangement?

  3. There you have it!
    It’s impossible to convince DELUDED GULLIBLE followers otherwise.
    Even if you show them the danger they are in, it won’t click in them because they have become a Stronghold for Evil forces!
    The tragedy is that Zambia today has become the laughing stock as the MOST GULLIBLE NATION on Earth!
    When the spiritually blind lead the blind, the ditch is their destiny!
    We should remove the Christian Nation Clause from our statutes!

    • These Congolese pastors are a disgrace. That so called John General should be excommunicated period. Except these churches are owned by these families as a source of livelihood. We should take the Rwanda path by closing some of these useless churches. Magicians from across the continent are flocking to Zambia due to the declaration as a Christian Nation.


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