Zambia can do without Europe. But Europe can’t do without Zambia- Dr Canisius BANDA

Canisius BANDA

[The Curious Case of Nitwits and Wealth]

Like Dr Kenneth KAUNDA did, that esteemed founding father of our nation, many of us have always known that Zambia is far wealthier than much of Europe put together.

Zambia is potentially a very rich country.

It explains why in 1973, as a national priority, UNIP [United National Independence Party] established the School of Mines at the PEOPLE’s UNIVERSITY, the University of Zambia [UNZA].

Only a nitwit would rejoice at the mere discovery of a large deposit of any mineral in Zambia. That Zambia has many, if not all, high value minerals is common knowledge.

Europe is parasitic to Zambia.

Zambia can do without Europe. But Europe can’t do without Zambia.

Though such discoveries are desirable and welcome, for its security and prosperity, what Zambia really needs, urgently needs on the other hand, is the discovery of a large deposit of SMART and REQUIRED LEADERS.

Dr Canisius BANDA
Development Activist

6 February 2024


  1. This is totally bufying.rubbish No country relies on its own without the help and support of other country we are part of the global village even where business is concerned

  2. You are really a mad fool and nikopumpu.
    You seem to be alcoholic.
    Zambia is one the poorest and under developed countries in the world. Our GDP is only 26 billion us dollar while UK is 3.7trillion.
    Stupid idiot.

  3. Zambia is potentially a very rich country. Yes and it will remain just that. The potential has to be translated into actual and to do that you need the cooperation of others with the capital and technology to unlock that potential.

    So Dr. Smart Guy, we need Europe and America and China to unlock that potential. If we donot need them, then why are we poor? What are we waiting for to unlock that potential? Even the smartest of leaders will need outside help. Let’s be practical ba Dr. Banda. We should not engage in pie in the sky gymnastics.


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