Zambia in trouble if Registrar has been fired for obeying court order – Laura Miti

Laura Miti
Laura Miti

Laura Miti says

The “firing” of the Registrar of Societies is troubling.

Now, her letter of surrender (ndipo government language) does not give a reason for her removal.

What is common knowledge is that it comes soon after she released the list of registered PF office holders, which list shows they have not been changed from PF 1 to PF 2.

Now, of course, if Edgar Lungu is still registered as PF party President, that puts the Speaker of the National Assembly in a pickle.

It suggests the Leader of the Opposition should not have been changed.

If the Registrar of Societies is being punished for obeying a court order, and therefore showing that an illegality or ill-advised move (choose one), happened in Parliament, we are in troubled waters.

We citizens must watch carefully how this unfolds. For now, it does not smell good.


  1. This is very confusing. If ECL had resigned from active politics, as earlier claimed even by the Given Lubinda team, in which case they even changed the office bearers, how come is Lungu who had resigned is still appearing on the list of PF leaders at the registrar of societies?

    • Learn to read sir. ECL’s letter of resignation was rejected by the MCC instead he was given leave. Even though, if ECL wasn’t on there even yhe illegal miles wasn’t by any means supposed to be there. Otherwise the RoS had no authority to change office bearers based on the shambolic phantom elections Miles had held. Either ways they knew the ending, they wished for was the slow wheels of justice to kick in and stop moving until 2026. They didn’t expect them to lose breaks this quick.

      • Was the letter of resignation addressed to the PF Central committee or sec to cabinet? If it was addressed PF CC then they had the right to reject it. If was addressed to SC then PF CC has no say in rejecting it.

    • She was under instruction. Everyone is under instruction. She will be jailed for sure for being stupid to follow illegal instructions. The one instructing them will be long gone to his second home in Panama.


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