ZAMBIAN FARM BUYS A BULL WORTH R2,300,000 (2.3 Million Rands)


ZAMBIAN FARM BUYS A BULL WORTH R2,300,000 (2.3 Million Rands)

Congratulations to Mutanda Farms for this excellent bull.

Now this was supposed to be big news and should have made headlines in Zambia in the Livestock sector. But as usual, we don’t know the value of certain things in Zambia. We would rather focus on politics.

This bull was auctioned by Hurwitz Farming in South Africa and a Zambian Farm bought him for R2.3 Million!

Whilst we argue about the Maria ZNFU Press Release, real Farmers are bringing exceptional value to their herds.

Before you buy that car, Think about investing in Livestock.

Mutanda Farms is a modern, highly efficient and diversified agricultural operation headquartered in the Kalumbila District of the North Western Province of Zambia.

Established in 2014 in an undeveloped rural area, 50 kilometres west of the provincial capital of Solwezi, our operation has grown quickly, into what it is today. With interests in poultry, livestock, stock feeds, wildlife and maize meal production, our operation is diverse and vibrant.

We are proud to produce and market a variety of top quality products, and are currently involved in the production and sale of the following:

Eggs (sold under the King Eggs brand)
Mealie Meal – Breakfast Meal (sold under the Mutanda Milling brand)
Maize Bran & Full Fat Soya
Stock Feeds

All of our products are the result of rigorous selection of inputs and raw materials, combined with constant monitoring and an advanced approach to all of the processes up to distribution and sale.



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