$1.2 million donated to charities by Prince Harry and Meghan


Prince Harry and Meghan’s organization called Archewell gave $1. 2m (which is about £950,000) to charities this year, according to their report.

The foundation supported various projects, such as assisting Afghan women in the US and stopping false information, with the motto “Show up, do good”.

There was also support for a charity that Princess Diana made famous for helping people who work in mines.

US tax documents show that the amount of donations this year is the same as last year. Archewell now has more than $11 million in funds.

A lot has been written about this famous couple, but the report from the Archewell Foundation in 2023 and their tax information in 2022 show exactly how much money Prince Harry and Meghan made from their jobs in the United States.

Archewell was started by Prince Harry and Meghan when they left their royal duties and moved to the US. It has been running for three years and does charity work, as well as making movies and shows.

This year’s tax paperwork for 2022 shows that the foundation made donations of $1. 2 million This includes $100,000 given to the Halo Trust, a charity that clears mines and was previously backed by Princess Diana.

Prince Harry’s mom brought attention to the charity when she visited a project to clear landmines in Angola in 1997.

Prince Harry spoke to people from the Halo Trust who were helping in Ukraine after Russia invaded it.

Other projects that received funding were a “gender justice” project in Washington, a civil-rights charity, and a project that promotes responsible use of technology, which each received amounts of $200,000, $125,000, and $100,000 respectively.

Prince Harry and Meghan appeared in a video promoting the causes and campaigns they supported in 2023. They donated $1. 2 million, but the exact amount hasn’t been confirmed yet for this year’s taxes.

This project helps Afghan women settle down in the US and build stronger ties with their local communities.

Some people are helping a new organization that wants to stop fake news in places in the US where there are no local newspapers. These places are called “news deserts”.

Archewell started with $13 million and raised another $7 million in the next two years. It has also given away $5. 4 million in grants between 2021 and 2023.

The latest tax forms indicate that Prince Harry and Meghan don’t get paid from the charity, but they do pay over $640,000 annually to their staff.


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