1) Both made people to brim with hope and expectation about their presidency.

2) Both promised that public resources will not end up in the pockets of government officials. Pledging a full scale war against corruption.

3) Both made headlines across the globe when they won elections and their inauguration speeches were so convincing and believable that indeed total transformation was on the way.

4) Both ascended to the presidency as puppets and were fully backed and defended by the global imperialist forces.

5) Both promised to weed out corruption but excessive greed and grand corruption defined their presidency. Corruption became synonymous with both regimes right from the start of their reign.

6) Both practically blew up opportunities to totally transform the socioeconomic status of their countries. Poverty, squalor and unemployment became the norm during their presidency.

7) Mr Weah refused to publicly declare his assets and Mr Hichilema too has refused to declare his assets to the public.

8) The Presidency in both countries criminally facilitated bribery, corruption and other financial and economic crimes.

9) The elite, the President’s business associates and the politically connected in both countries suffered no consequences for their crimes. They were heavily and continuously protected.

10) Due to excessive corruption, Mr Weah became extremely unpopular and lost the presidential vote after the November 14 run- off. He only served as President for one- term. Without a doubt, Mr Hichilema shall follow suit in the August 2026 general elections.

Fred M’membe
President of the Socialist Party


  1. Zambia is not Liberia, it’s shallow to use selective sampling and cheery pick variables for comparative purposes.
    The problem with Fred’s attacks, is tht they are always pregnant with Jealousy and envy. The jealousy and envy blinds Fred from seeing HH governing beyond 2026. How will Fred relate to HH after 2026, when HH will still be president after being so bitter?

  2. Unfortunately for Zambia, unlike Liberia, there are no credible alternatives to the failed HH. What we have is a bunch of criminals, looters, chancers, hangers-on and dimwits from the previous and worst regime ever to rule Zambia; and people running one-member political parties with no followers but wanting to be presidents, all of them with a streak of illegal dealings, raping women, disowning children from side-chicks, being bankrolled by dubious papas etc etc. So the puppet may just scoop it again. Honestly I cannot vote for any of these guys in the opposition. The puppet is better than all of them…

    • Wapya, it is very worrying indeed. We do not have alternatives in Zambia. And Hakainde is busy squashing opposition in every form.

      Hakainde has been a huge disappointment though.

  3. In my whole life I have never seen a dull party president like this idiot. Mulyokela is a thousand times better than this tax thief. How can your comparisons be based on you illusions and frustrations knowing you stand no chance of removing the UPND from power?

    Thunder fire that your stinking mouth, your wish will never be granted, you will hate, and sulky and commit suicide in 2026. STUPID IDIOT.

  4. My prayer is that between now and 2026, the government does more work to overturn the situation so that things workout and life is made easy for the Zambian citizens.

    Politicians are busy praying for the failure of government so that it becomes an opportunity for them to take power.
    What a parallel.

  5. George Weah went to State House to recoup his money he had been spending on the Liberian National Soccer Team.He was backed by ex president to recapture his spent money by becoming president.That is why I personally have reservations for Elen Sirleaf, woman ex president for Liberia.

  6. As things stand, Dr. M’membe, the puppet is far much better than any of you in opposition.

    If you want my vote you better up your game. Tell me how you will turn the economy around and how you will fight corruption. That is what I want to hear. Not Hakainde this, Hakainde that.

    For all I care, you might just be envying HH and waiting for your turn to do exactly what you are accusing him of.


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