100 hours non-stop crying: Cameroonian fails in world record bid

A flyer for 237 Towncryer's official record attempt

A flyer for 237 Towncryer’s official record attempt
A Cameroonian has attempted a world record bid for the longest hours of continuous crying.

The man is a comedian known on social media as 237 Towncryer.

On Monday, July 10, 2023; he started his crying marathon, he has tagged a cry-a-thon; seeking to set a world record of 100 hours non-stop crying.

Video shared on his official Facebook page shows him seated on a chair wailing whiles a laptop placed on another chair is showing a timer.

The Guiness World Record (GWR) buzz started by Nigerian chef Hilda Baci doesn’t seem to want to end.

A number of chefs attempted to break her over 100-hours of non-stop cooking even before her record was ratified by the GWR organizers.

Two fellow Nigerians tried and failed in their bid as did a Liberian chef.

Since Baci’s record was ratified, there as been reports of an attempt to break a massage World Record by a Nigerian and a sex-a-thon (so-called) by a Cameroonian.

Watch the video below:


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