1090 Jake Threatens To Leak Rick Ross’ Correctional Officer Confession, Defends Drake


Rick Ross and Drake haven’t been on the best of terms as of late, ever since Drizzy appeared to go after Rozay on his leaked diss track, “Push Ups (Drop and Give Me 50).” Ross didn’t waste any time at all with his response, “Champagne Moments.” In the song, he accuses Drake of getting a nose job, refers to him as “white boy,” and more. This has caused a bit of online back and forth between the two performers in recent days and prompted countless social media users to pick sides in the feud.

1090 Jake, for example, quickly took to social media to side with Drake. Moreover, he threatened to release a video which he claims contains a confession from Rick Ross. The video in question allegedly exposes his past as a correctional officer. “Since he keep callin @champagnepapi a Whiteboy He woke the Real Whiteboy up [laughing emoji] yall want this video?,” the internet personality wrote earlier today. “He said he only lasted 4 months but the paperwork says 95-97 with a Perfect Attendance lmk.”

While some of his followers are rooting for him, others are calling 1090 Jake out for getting involved in other people’s drama. Many also note that Rick Ross’ past as a correctional officer is already widely known. With that being said, 1090 Jake’s post doesn’t come as too much of a surprise, as he’s known for exposing people on the internet for alleged snitching and more. Either way, most can agree that he should just keep this one to himself.


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