12 Dark Sides of HH Revealed by Father Chewe’s Police Call Out: Confirmation of How the Ghost of our Dictator will Disappear in 2026- Chris Zumani


12 Dark Sides of HH Revealed by Father Chewe’s Police Call Out: Confirmation of How the Ghost of our Dictator will Disappear in 2026

By Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba

“When people who politically believed in you, physically campaigned for you and passionately defended you start to openly oppose, mock, disagree and denounce you, then you must speedily realize that they have lost trust, respect and confidence about your leadership and they have already moved on and away from you. This is where HH is sited and is standing with many of his supporters today”.

1. Introduction

The police call out issue of Copperbelt Catholic priest, father Chewe Mukosa has revealed many things about HH’s false partners, unreliable friends and disloyal followers we didn’t know earlier. This is the dark and vulnerable side of President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) we now know: it provides clear indications that Bally has lost control, popularity and is politically finished going into 2026. Below, we have identified the standard 12 points for this discourse:

1. When Bank of Zambia announced the take over of Invest Trust Bank due to insolvency last week, Dr. Nevers Mumba’s comments were clear that he no longer eats and drinks at Community House: may be our tyrant, President HH blocked his line. Posting on his Facebook page, Mumba noted that ”It appears as though all local banks will be closed. We shall only remain with foreign banks. Problem #1”. This tells us that HH is speedily remaining a lost shell and lone political ghost for 2026 since his friends are now identifying and listening political problems against him for 2026.

2. Bally and Zambians mistakenly assumed that Dr Nevers Mumba is HH’s reliable ally. Mumba even preached about it. To appease him, HH trusted Nevers Mumba as his presidential envoy on different High Profiled assignments in Zimbabwe, Liberia, Asia and everywhere. But Nevers Mumba has realized that Bally has lost popularity terribly and won’t make it in 2026. Clearly, Mumba has quickly stopped paying homage to Community House and has started to openly attack his political partner called HH Via Facebook politics. Mumba is Mumba!

3. Commenting on the Police Call Out for father Chewe, Dr Mumba wrote on his Facebook page that “Ala Ba Catolica kubasulakofye bena bakulekafye…teti muba kwanishe, elo telelo batampa. Pantu namuli Kaunda bena balelandila abantu…Meanwhile Blessed Sunday”. Instead of calling President HH as his close friend and offer policy advice as usual, Dr. Mumba chose to openly tell off Bally via Facebook. He is now mocking Bally.

4. Dr Mumba is telling HH that “you are politically lost and finished Bally for 2026 and l am no longer your blind follower”. To Dr. Mumba now, opposing and mocking Bally, his friend for vainly trying to arrest Copperbelt Catholic priest openly is the correct thing. To onlookers, Dr. Mumba is just confirming HH’s loss of popularity and is simply digging a big political grave for Bally ahead of 2026 as he did for Rupiah Bwezani Banda in 2015. Nevers is Nevers!

5. Since October, 2023, HH has been using Miles Sampa to paralyze PF and kill ECL’s political comeback. Sampa has been this drunk and blind political fish for Bally’s mingalato dirty politics against Lungu and PF camp. But father Chewe’s police call out revealed the truth of this fake gladiator and master relationship. Recognizing that Bally is headed for heavy defeat in 2026, Miles Sampa equally denounced HH on his Facebook on father Chewe’s matter.

6. Treacherous Sampa has started going back to his vomits especially that he is now a street loner and prodigal son politically. Using his tyrannical powers, Bally has trusted wrong people, made false alliances and has dug big political graves against himself going into 2026. HH’s choice to hire treacherous Miles Sampa, Antony Mumba, Robert Chawinga and team to kill PF and Lungu for 2026 has proven to be dead wood. Now that HH is visibly unpopular, treacherous Sampa has decided to UKA by opening public attacks on HH. These are dark side stories for genius eyes to see. HH is politically very vulnerable and naked.

7. For many years, Laura Miti has religiously tried to worship, polish and present HH as an intelligent politician and democratic leader for modern Zambia. In the fake name of being a human rights and civil society activist, Laura Miti has attacked and denounced Lungu and all potential rivals of HH and presented him as the only political god for poor people and voters. To some extent, this helped Bally and saw him into power in August 2021.

8. But today, Laura Miti has realized that she was fooling herself and that wasting time and energy. HH is a proven stubborn vampire aimed at declaring himself the unstoppable emperor of Zambia at the expense of our hard earned democracy and good governance. Like many UPND blind praise singers, Laura Miti has discovered that HH is a journey to nowhere beyond 2026. On her Facebook page, she declared both HH and police IG as ‘nonsense dictators’ for trying to arrest Father Chewe Mukosa. She openly opposed his dictatorship and declared her independence from Community House. The walls of Jericho are falling down around HH and political destitution is on the horizon for Bally.

9. For some time, PF’s Hon. Sunday Chanda has been pretending around State House that Bally is his new beloved master while ECL is good for nothing since he is no longer in power. Sensing the loss of popularity of HH, Sunday equally evaporated from Bally on Sunday morning by calling HH is shameful dictator. This is the famous MP who was blindly singing the HH hymn of CDF louder than Garry Nkombo and Cornelius Mweetwa few months ago. He has sensed danger ahead and now reforming himself.

10. This is Hon. Sunday Chanda who openly campaigned for UPND in the name of HH in the recent by elections in Kanchibiya. This is the Sunday Chanda whose long Facebook article is now confirming that this HH who is currently tormenting Zambians is waiting to be political buried on the ballot by voters in 2026.Yes, Hon. Sunday Chanda is correct: HH is a shameless tyrant on our nose as a nation. No democrat anywhere can desire to arrest an innocent priest like father Mukosa based on what he preached. We must commend Sunday Chanda!

11. The “Zambian Watchdog” and “Koswe” have consistently campaigned and supported the UPND and President Hakainde Hichilema (HH) unconditionally. In terms of social media platforms, these two ghost blogs do both the dirty and good propaganda for Bally. They have foolishly praised HH in all ways and insulted, defamed, denounced as well as attacked all his rivals like Lungu, M’membe, Nawakwi, Saboi, Sean Tembo, Chilufya Tayali and all of us religiously. They made HH and keep him so.

12. However, current political dynamics have made them sober and humble: they have realized that HH is this unreliable stubborn tyrant who does as he pleases regardless of the policy and political consequences. They have also discovered that with the coming back of Lungu into active politics and the formation of UKA, HH’s chances to win in 2026 are zero and closed. Generally, they are politically intelligent to read and understand political dynamics ahead. We must commend them too.

Therefore, they have openly stopped being Bally’s blind followers, careless praise singers and sold out hooligans of UPND. Each week, Zambian Watchdog warns HH either directly or indirectly that he is digging his own political grave and voters will bury him alone in 2026 due to his bad governance. Apart from denouncing the police call out of Father Chewe, the Zambian Watchdog warned HH that “In the information world we live in, once you lose propaganda efforts, you ve lost power. You are just waiting to hand it over”. It’s true, HH has politically failed, lost popularity and only awaits to handover power in 2026. This is more correct now that it is coming from his own boys, his own praise singers!

2. Conclusion

The above revelations are good for Bally as well as Zambians. Now, we know that HH is surrounded with many false friends and temporal artificial partners who have come to believe that Bally has failed and lost popularity so terribly. The case of Father Chewe Mukosa show us that the few who supported and defended Bally blindly in the past have waken up ( ba UKA) and have started walking away or denouncing him because 2026 is coming so fast and furious against him.

All these old political friends of HH in this discourse have been disappointed and now distancing themselves from him: It reveals the dark and vulnerable side of Bally in politics. His tyrannical rule has been marked “quicker end of an era” by God and voters will merely validate the position of heaven in 2026. Since he is arrogant, stubborn, selfish and authoritarian (ASSA), we know that HH will violently rubbish such information and insults our gods. That is not a problem because the days of King Nebuchadnezzar are clearly numbered and own voters, our citizens will confirm it soon or later since his own supporters have already shown the way.

Dr Chris ZUMANI Zimba is a Political Scientist, Researcher, Author & Consultant specialized in Comparative Global Governance and Democratic Theories. He holds a PhD, MA, BA and Cert in Political Science. Zimba was President Lungu’s Political Advisor from December 2019 to August 2021. By philosophical approach, Dr. Zimba is a Pan Africanist as well as Afro-Christian by religion.
Email: chriszumaniZimba.cz@gmail.com


  1. I enjoy reading Chris’s articles.

    Full of truth and facts. This is what education can do for you.

    Vote wisely in 2026.

    • Indigo Tryol yes you are enjoying this rubbish article from a PF gasser coz you share same PF sh*t together. We have been voting wisely all the time, we don’t need you stupid plea.

  2. Yowa job application has and will continue to be rejected. This trick worked with ECL because he is a weak leader. And what you wrote about ECL was true and his aim in dangling the job was to silence you. He succeeded in silencing you. You proved beyond any doubt that you are totally unprincipled, that you only make noise for personal gain. You are in fact even weaker than ECL. The things you write about this man are not true and do not represent any kind of threat. If we Zambians say so, he will continue until 2031 regardless of whatever nonsense and falsehoods you write.

    Unlike ECL, HH does not tell the police who to arrest. Or release from prosecution. But please please do continue in yowa wrong impressions and hatred. Your hatred will one day bear fruit after it’s own kind.

  3. Ofcourse this how PF arrogant lazy crooks will disappear after 2026. Ninshi you guys upto now you havent believed that you lost power. Pa last mukapena

  4. Bitterness truely blinds and if not gotten rid of will be the source venting out resentment to anyone with different views. But yet again what else is expected of wounded souls.

    They only see issues through the same unhealed wounded souls where anger and illusions reside.

    Reality is far from being attained because a broken soul will only produce hurt from within. The sad thing is they ignore all their wrongs of the past and diligently search for another person to take their vengence out on for their self inflicted losses. Blunt as this observation may appear, it is nevertheless true to the core.

    A hurt soul will never stop releasing bitterness and will invent any lies to feed this hurting heavy heart. This is a very sad state of affairs. The light only turns on when truth of internal struggles is personally admitted. If not then this negative force swallows such individuals into depression as the perceived enermies seem to succeed.

    It’s a hard life to wake up and go to sleep angry very 24 hours. Something will eventually give in. Life is too short to hate so passionately. Especially when we have had serveral Presidents leading us. Each one of them only led for a season as provided and chosen by the whole country. Not an individual or few individuals.

    Meanwhile, I am still yet to hear of alternative solutions to the problems which were created by successive administrations while they were in power . for now there is still nothing at all from our esteemed opposition leaders except of alot of hurtful sentiments. Unfortunately this won’t help move any neddle at all. And we the citizens loss out of a balanced governance system.

  5. Dr. Zumani Zimba is losing it because his political utterances are becoming unwarranted and worthless. His style of writing has become monotonous, boring and abusive.

    The best the new dawn government and UPND leaders could do is totally to ignore him and not respond to his foolishness. Responding to his silly writings and comments will make Dr. Zumani Zimba think that his foolish and short-sighted writings and comments are making an impact.

    • Politics or no politics, this Zumani Zimba man is intelligent and no wonder ecl recognized his intellectual prowess to include him into his political management stream. Whatever he has written about comments the people have said here is surely in the public domain and he has simply used them to make inferences out them to come up with his conclusions.


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