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Zumani Zimba


By Dr. Chris Zumani Zimba

In his book, “The Republic”, Ancient Greek philosopher, Plato warned that democracy is a dangerous system as it risks bringing dictators, tyrants and demagogues (people without proper skills, cultural values, morals or human grace) into power. This is where Zambia’s democracy is today under Hakainde Hichilema (HH) and the UPND.

In this summary discourse, we have identified 12 major reasons why we believe that our people voted into power true tyrants, demagogues and dictators to themselves in August 2021 and why UPND risks being outlawed and deregistered once HH is voted out of power either in 2026 or 2031:

1. UPND is a ethnic and regional party by history, operation, leadership and style of governance, key cabinet/state house and top government appointments: HH runs a political party of tribal demagogues

Since HH’s leadership in 2006, UPND has been a tribal and regional political party following the death of Anderson Mazoka and the birth of ‘Chuindu Chaitwa’ Movement of ‘only a Tonga can succeed a Tonga’. All these years today, UPND has remained a political outfit of tribal and regional demagogues which is against PART II under Article 8 of the Zambian Constitution on our “national values and principles”. This is unlawful political practice and system: it will be seriously visited once they lose power.

2. UPND won Power in 2021 using unlawful tactics of sponsoring ethnic divisions, tribal hostilities and violent regionalism against a legitimate government-the PF

There is no doubt or debate on this matter as everything was confirmed by Cornelius Mweetwa, Chief Government Spokesman and UPND Chairman for Publicity and Information. The video evidence is available everywhere plus the court conviction of Dr. Chishimba Kambwili. This is against article 8 on “National Values”; article 54 on “Electoral Code of Conduct”; article 60 on “political parties”, article 165 on “institution of chieftaincy and traditional institutions”, and Part I . 2, 3 and 4 of the Republican Constitution. Once they fall out of grace from voters, UPND will be held accountable and deregistration is assured ahead.

3. UPND is unlawfully working to totally kill multiparty democracy and impose a one party dictatorship system in Zambia

The evidence of this crime is visible in all the three wings of government. The fact that Miles Sampa and his team of few ‘PF’ gladiators are now supported by the executive, parliament and judiciary to sustain a brutal unlawful act and immoral conduct against the PF constitution, our multiparty democracy system and good governance values we hold dear is testimony of HH and UPND’s political brutality to impose a one party dictatorship in Zambia.

Look at Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ), it is signature of outlawed political tribalism at its best and a clear desire to forcefully introduce dictatorship. Yes, Dr Sishuwa Sishuwa, Retired Archbishop T. Mpundu, Dr. Fred M’membe, Bowman Lusambo, Joseph Malanji, Chama America, Chilufya Tayali, Edith Nawakwi, Sean Tembo and many others will be happy state witnesses against UPND in this mater after HH leaves power.

4. UPND is urinating on the RULE OF LAW by paralyzing and weaponizing the judiciary, police, ECZ and enforcement agencies

In a country that is renowned and respected for being a model of diplomacy, democracy and good governance in the regional, UPND has done the uncalled for to everything we pride for as a Zambia. Today, Zambians who oppose HH and UPND are now official enemies of the state. Innocent civil servants deemed PF sympathizers or those from outside the Zambezi regions have systematically been either demonized, demoted or red carded. In less than three years, HH has arrested more political critics than Mwanawasa, Sata and Lungu combined. UPND has weaponized all state institutions against anyone and everyone deemed their political threat. But once HH leaves office, the walls of safety will fall down against UPND as a party.

5. The UPND government will be held responsible for 2024 hunger as they sold maize reserves: its a wicked war crime of imposing starvation on citizens the state is mandated to protect

The president declared drought as national disaster last week. It’s laughable because Zambia had enough maize to feed the nation for two years ahead. HH and his government selfishly sold 1.5 metric tons FRA maize reserves to DR Congo in 2022 against stakeholders advice. According to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court, this is like war crime of starvation of civilians as a method of warfare as seen in Yemen, Ethiopia, Syria, South Sudan, Nigeria and elsewhere.

This is a crime against humanity, imposing hunger on over 20 million people. Many Zambians will starve to death as a result of HH’s reckless business decision to export maize reserves he merely inherited from PF and Lungu. When UPND leaves office in 2026 which is very likely, many citizens will surely demand the new government to access the scope of death and misery for this decision. And everyone involved will certainly face heavy state Justice and punishment: there is no way UPND will escape this crime.

6. HH’s Presidency was won on the sacrificial bloodshed and murder of Jackson Nkungo, PF North Western Chairman

I talk about Jackson Kungo over and over because l attended his burial with President Lungu in Solwezi and saw how his children, wife, family and friends grieved over his brutal murder. Look, HH won the presidency on the sacrificial blood and death of Jackson Kungo who was openly stoned, tortured and murdered by UPND cadres at a polling station in Solwezi on 12th August, 2021. The bloodshed and murder of Kungo is fixed in the eyes and ears of HH and his entire UPND top leadership. They know it!

But HH always pretends as if he knows nothing of how his UPND cadres massacre Jackson Kungo, PF North Western Provincial Chairman then. Today, HH and their UPND leaders mislead Zambians like they don’t smell human blood and political deaths. Even the death of Mufulira 15 youth, Chrispine Bunda who was recently murdered by HH’s ZNS officers is merely muted like it’s a lizard that was killed. Once they leave power, UPND will now face the law in full scale and deregistration will be their noble place.

7. HH has unilaterally auctioned our mineral resources to foreigners by giving tax breaks to big mines while milking every coin from poor Zambians

Yes, the UPND government has betrayed Zambians by giving of Unsolicited Tax Holidays to foreign mining companies while imposing multiple taxes on poor citizens. Zambia is losing out billions of dollars annually because the UPND Government in 2021 gave away this money in tax concessions to mining companies. Many experts believe that there was grand corruption in the UPND Government for this treacherous decision against Zambians. The decision by the UPND Government in 2022 to relinquish Zambia’s 20% stake in First Quantum Minerals (FQM) in exchange for a small sum in royalties per year is nothing other than criminality and betrayal. Once they leave office, hell fire will fall on the UPND.

8. The UPND government runs a kleptocracy-rule by theft with corruption, looting and plundering of public resources made ‘normal’

The Auditor General’s Report as well as Financial Intelligence Centre Publications for 2022 and 2023 are first and second evidence of these vices under the UPND regime. The famous 2023 KK Airport gold scandal fully confirmed how deep rooted kleptocratic HH’s government is. How Egyptian businessmen were conned to freely land with guns and more than U$7.5 million dollars on a personalized jet and latter duped, ‘released’ and only U$5 million declared by state agents to the public. At its best, this act was the flagship of kleptocracy under the UPND. While such examples are multiple, the full truth will only be revealed once the UPND leave power and concerned citizens hold them to account.

9. UPND has made Zambia so regionally divided and ethnically hostile against each other by its tribal policies and inconsistent politics

By conduct, UPND is a tribal government and HH its tribal leader. By ethnic presidential appointments and governance style, Zambia is today more ethnically divided and hostile. By betraying the Litunga, the Kuta and the Lozi people on Barotseland, regional politics is now more ripe and dangerous than ever before. Between 2006 and 2022, HH proclaimed Barotseland as a real ancient Kingdom of the Lozi people in Zambia. In 2022, he is on video confirming Barotseland. Today 2024, he openly denounced any existence of a place called Barotseland in Zambia. This has worsened regional tensions and ethnic politics worse now than ever before. After they leave power, the Lozi people will surely petition UPND and HH over these matters. So are many Zambians.

10. UPND won power in 2021 based on pure lies, false promises, historic cheating and corrupt manipulation of citizens

The false campaign promises and naked political lies HH and UPND vomited on Zambians before August 2021 can feel the Red Sea and River Nile. We are talking about reducing mealie meal, fertilizer, fuel, electricity, water bills, sugar, salt, cooking oil, meat, eggs, etc to creating thousands of jobs, bringing billions of dollars into Zambia, eradicating tribalism, regionalism, nepotism, and more and more lies. Both HH and UPND stand only safer before 2026 when Zambia votes and people decide. After that, HH and UPND will be petitioned by thousands of angry citizens and the answer may be just to outlaw the party. Before 2021, HH and UPND made Zambians both fools and idiots politically.

11. HH and UPND are using public resources to run tribal, defamatory and divisive media platforms-Koswe and Zambian Watchdog

We all know from 2021 to 2023 empirical publications from “Zambia Whistleblowers” that “Koswe” and “Zambian Watchdog” are UPND inspired and now government sponsored social media platforms being sponsored by State House. Their top bloggers are on state house payrolls and are using state house equipments. Given the regional hostility, tribal politics, defamation contents and malicious propaganda these two platforms publish each day against hundreds of innocent people, trust me, in 2026, there is no doubt that we will see many Zambians taking this matter from the lowest to the highest court in the land against HH and UPND.

12. HH and the UPND government are using tax payers money to hire and pay homosexual promoters as State House Presidential external advisers

HH appointed and pays millions of dollars to gay and lesbian renowned promoters as his personal foreign advisors at State House. Against our Christian Nation identity and values, HH has made Tony Blair and his firm, globally renowned for promoting liberalism, gay and lesbian rights as his closest and full time foreign advisors. While his SDA church is so softly mute about this unlawful contract, time is coming when Zambians will demand answers from HH. At that time, UPND will also be directly affected because of their empirical policy linkages to liberal groups at regional and global level where Tony Blair is equally connected politically in promoting liberal values.

Dr Chris ZUMANI Zimba is a Political Scientist, Researcher, Author & Consultant specialized in Comparative Global Governance and Democratic Theories. He holds a PhD, MA, BA and Cert in Political Science. Zimba was President Lungu’s Political Advisor from December 2019 to August 2021. By philosophical approach, Dr. Zimba is a Pan Africanist as well as Afro-Christian by religion.
Email: chriszumaniZimba.cz@gmail.com


  1. Zumani, a few months in jail has really made you bitter. But just wait, HH will go up to 2031. And you may be back I jail soon

  2. Point 7 hates me every day i try to understand his logic.
    Whenever am travelling to Western Province by road and happen to pause for a leg stretch at Nkeyema and the villages after, one can tell hunger those my relatives are experiencing as the call out their me handise to me(mwanja,!). A painful site. And you have a president who willfully give away taxes to his rich friends whilst pushing that burden to the mwanja sellers through fuel and electricity.
    Guy is cold hearted.
    Pathetic decision.

  3. It is very hard to believe that this was written by a person who has a PHD.

    Perhaps, this calls for thorough investigations of the people and the institution involved in conferring a PHD on the writer.

    • I think I can help with that. These PhDs are from the Matero Cesspool University “MCU”. There others that post such you can tell from the style of contritions

  4. That’s your wishful thinking, you mean you can’t use your useless doctorate degree for something else apart from attacking HH and UPND? Keep on dreaming because even in 2026, HH is winning and you will be wetting your pants as he will be sworn in. The country has benefited a lot from HH while it has benefited nothing from you and the people you support. I have told you before and I want to tell you again, if it were HH and UPND who were in power during your time, many widows, orphans, childless mothers and fathers that your brutal PF created and left wouldn’t have been there. Every time I look at the picture for Joseph Kaunda’s children crying when their father was killed, I always shed tears. Like Cain of the Bible, PF without showing any remorse, are saying, am I my brother’s keeper? I wouldn’t imagine Zambia going back to those ugly days again.

  5. I can think of 12 reasons why this so called PHd holder is an a$$hole and a King chikala
    Baboons can do better than this moron.
    You should be awarded the honourary “Degree of Stupidity”

  6. It’s not hunger, it is resentment. Anybody who passed through LT1 and took any Social Sciences 101 course knws tht such a style of writing and analysis would be graded D+ at best. It’s so emotive, rendering it subjective. Consequently, it is simply a reflection of his personal view which 1 million plus voters who voted for HH dnt subscribe to.
    The fact tht Chris is free to pen down 12 reasons of his lamentations without looking over his shoulders is testimony of the tolerance and democratic space the UPND has achieved. He should ask the real PhD holders at UNZA hw they were threatened with non renew of Employment contracts, if they dared to whisper anything contrary to the able leader’s PF wrongs.
    Chris is infected with pathologies of resentfulness, consequently he fails to see anything good in HH. This has made Zumani an armchair critique unfortunately. Therefore his behaviour, feelings are predictable in his style of writing.

  7. No need for insults and name calling guys, Doc is simply expressing his opinion. The question is whether one agrees or not and if not one should advance his reasons. As for you Doc, as much as is possible try to avoid attaching your emotions , let us conversate in a manner that even your opponents would nod your points. Eg if you say that HH is presiding over a tribal cabinet, try to bring in comparisons with the cabinet Dr ECL presided over, and if HH has caused hunger by selling the maize, how much maize has been sold by this govt as compared to the former govt etc. Guys that is my opinion.

    • I seriously doubt that writer has the capacity to learn anything from your plausible observations, going by the level of his discourse so far.

  8. It seems like Dr. Zumani has taken leave of his senses. His obsession with HH has reached pathological levels.

    Honestly, how does a grown man find the time to write about one individual day in and day out? Doesn’t he have anything better to do? He might think that he is damaging HH’s image but he is in actual fact destroying himself in the eyes of many. Personally, I don’t bother to read his long poorly argued articles. It is a waste of time. So I cannot comment in relation to the content of the article.


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