By Chileshe Mwango

The Electoral Commission of Zambia -ECZ- has announced that a total of 19 presidential candidates have so far paid the K95, 000 nomination fee.

Addressing the media in Lusaka today where he also gave an update on the certified registered voters, ECZ Chief Electoral Officer Patrick Nshindano said the 19 candidates made the payments between Monday 3rd may and Sunday 9th may 2021.

Mr. Nshindano explains that following the successful payment of the nomination fees by the 19 candidates, the commission has since made a timetable for pre-processing of presidential supporters which will be conducted from Wednesday 12th May to Saturday 15th May 2021.

He has however clarified that the successful payment of the nomination fees does not mean that the candidates have qualified to be on the ballot as there are other processes that still need to be conducted before the final list of candidates to be on the ballot is arrived at.

Meanwhile, the commission has certified over 7 million registered voters against its projected 9 million registered voters.

Mr. Nshindano disclosed that after the inspection, de-duplication and final consolidation by the commission, the certified 2021 register of voters’ stands at 7,023,499 with Lusaka province accounting for the highest at 17.7 percent.

He also disclosed that only 43.2 percent of the registered voters, translating to 3, 035, and 417 verified their details both physically and digitally.


The following have paid;

1. Mr. Harry Kalaba Democratic Party(DP).

2. Ms. Chishala Kateka- New Heritage Party.

3. Mr. Charles Chanda- United Prosperous and Peaceful Party (UPPP).

4. Mr. Enock R. Tonga 3rd Liberation Movement.

5. Dr. Muswa Trevor Mwamba- United National Independence Party (UNIP).

6. Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu- Patriotic Front(PF).

7. Mr. Kasonde C. Mwenda Economic Freedom Fighters(EFF).

8. Mr. Steven Nyirenda- National Restoration Party(NAREP).

9. Mr. Lazarus Chisela- Zambia United for Sustainable Development.

10. Mr. Nason Msoni -All People’s Congress Party.


11. Mr. Hakainde Hichilema-United Party for National Development (UPND).

12. Dr. Fred Mmembe- Socialist Party.

13. Mr. Sean E. Tembo- Patriots for Economic Progress (PEP).


14. Mr. Highvie H Hamududu- Party of National Unity and Progress (PNUP).

15. Mr. Peter Chanda – New Congress Party.

16. Dr. Nevers Mumba- Movement for Multi Party Democracy (MMD).

17. Dr. Richard Silumbe Leadership Movement.


18. Mr. Masuwa E Kalabi Independent.

19. Mr. Andyford M. Banda -People’s Alliance for Change(PAC).




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