By Charles Musonda

THE UPND government is rewarding the 2.8 million who voted for it by subjecting them to ever rising cost of living, acting Patriotic Front (PF) president Given Lubinda says.

In an interview yesterday, Mr. Lubinda said every Zambian has become aware of the fact that in the 2021 general elections they were deceived and that the only people who are not seeing the rising prices of essential commodities are some UPND top leaders.

He said even President Hakainde Hichilema himself admits that the cost of living has become unbearable and that even Vice President Mutale Nalumango stated in Parliament that they would increase fuel price to reduce it, another admission of the high cost of living.

He said with this free rise of prices on a monthly basis introduced by the UPND government, the cost of living is also expected to rise every month if not every week.

“This is what unfortunately people voted for in August, they voted on the basis of deceit. They promised to give Zambians three square decent meals a day but now Zambians are having half a meal a day.

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