2021 Chipili Constituency aspiring Candidate Anthony Nyense Calls for dissolution of PF


2021 Chipili Constituency aspiring Candidate Anthony Nyense. Calls for diss0lution of PF

The problem with PF is that (Tabomfwa abakuntanshi). What the public is expecting going forward is a notification for central committee meeting to close down the organization. It’s not helpful in anyway. The general public is expecting those honerable Members remaining in the PF to join socialist party for the purpose of fulfilling the credible doctrine of checks and balances to the Mighty UPND.

Before they suspended Miles for telling the truth, they needed to suspend themselves for losing the presidency. As it is , there is no h0n0r left in the party, PF.

The political party is formed for various reasons but the main ones are as follows.

(1) To take part in the struggle for power. ( Not to st£al or being found at high court every day for c0rruption allegations)

(2) To fulfill the credible doctrine of checks and balances. ( Not to criticize CDF , massive job Creation, free education and meal allowances for university students that they removed alleging tht d country had no money)

(3) The political party is formed in order to form a legitimate government.

(4) A political party is formed to champion a specific ideology, specific constitution reforms and For specific manifesto

Quick facts about Why PF should close down.

(1) The ideology of any Democratic government and ,or any political organization is attached to the tenure of the president of the party or state. Should the president fail the election or d!e, God forbid. It’s called end of ide0l0gy. From the day Former president ECL l0st p0wer, PF , has remained without an ideology, that’s a scientific perspective. The social stand point is that , the policies, constitution and manifesto that PF proposed to the Zambian people during the 2021 elections were rejected. PF may close down because it has failed to come up with a new package to sell to the Zambian people

(2) Politics is based on three (3) things. (I) Manifesto (ll) Constitution (lll) Candidate personality n interest. PF hs n0n


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