[By Charles Tembo in Solwezi]

SENIOR chief Mujimanzovu of the Kaonde speaking people in Solwezi says the 2021 general elections will be a test for the country.

Mujimanzovu warns politicians that “the same youths you send to fight will one day beat you”.

The traditional leader said this when Democratic Party president Harry Kalaba called on him at his palace on Friday afternoon.

He said for once the 2021 campaign period should be for ideas and not sending youths to fight.

Mujimanzovu said time had come to unite the country through love and peace.

“Yes, next year we are going for elections. This 2021, is a year for test for the country. But we need to maintain peace. We can’t force leadership on the people. People will make their decisions based on what they are going through,” Mujimanzovu said.

He said politics should be about ideas and not intimidating each other.

“Now for me, I will welcome anyone who comes here. Politics is about ideas. It is not to intimidate each other. You need to sell your ideas to the people. So if people believe in you then you will have them. If people have not seen anything then how do you expect them to vote for you? Just sell your ideas and people will decide,” he said. “My chiefdom will embrace everyone – there is no segregation here. This is a public road and we can’t choose who should travel on this road. I receive you as my subject. I want to see all of you have the freedom to move around and interact with the people in a free manner. Whoever wins then he becomes our President. Let us try to restrain from using our children to fight and insult each other.”

The traditional leader said he is touched when he sees youths used for violence.

“Let us embrace each other. Love one another because we are all Zambians. As we differ, let us not fight. We want a Zambia that is well for us all to live in,” said Mujimanzovu. “As you aspire for higher office, put the interest of the people first. We need to conduct decent politics. We don’t have to bring politics of dividing the people. Stop it.”

And Kalaba said Zambia was never short of leaders.

“Zambia is never short of leaders. We will not dwell on calling this one that and that. Ours is to tell the truth and the people what we want to do,” said Kalaba.


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