IT is not a secret that the 2021 general elections were manipulated and rigged in favour of the UPND and it has not come as a surprise that the ECZ has finally pulled down the results which are reflecting nothing but fraud, Raphael Nakacinda has said


  1. I will hand over power to myself and GUNYU MASAKA was clapping.
    You rigged yourselves out of power. SWAINI

  2. Ma opposition leaders ba pa ZED, what can such a person offer to this country? When he is arrested, he is the loudest to cry ati shrinking democratic space. Recently, the same person was crying in Western Province accusing UPND of transporting cadres from Lusaka to go and attack them in Mongu. Where are the brains for some people? Sure kwaliba umuntu uwakweba ati lyonse niwebo fye, then just know that you are the one who is a problem.

  3. Did Mr. Nakachinda actually say this? If he did, then all he is telling us that PF are such dunderheads that they allowed an opposition party to rig the elections when they were in charge of the electoral process as the party in government.

    Such a statement can only come from a person whose sanity is questionable. We all know how PF tried to rig the elections by rigging the voters register when they deliberately increased the number of registered voters in their strongholds of Eastern, Northern, Muchinga and Luapula provinces while reducing the number of voters in perceived UPND strongholds, including the Copperbelt. So what is this madness about the elections being rugged? How was the rigging done and by who? Why didn’t Mr. Lungu challenge the election results?

    It is frightening that Mr. Nakachinda was a cabinet minister in Mr. Lungu’s government. PF is the true representation of hypocrisy, lies and lawlessness.

  4. Yes the 2021 elections were rigged but not by the UPND but by the PF. It was sheer hard work for people like Gary Nkombo who really were so alert to thwart the crookedness of the then ruling party and ECZ. so Nakachinda do not open a Pandora s box.

  5. This is absurd. If you had evidence why didn’t you take this to court between the prescribed time. This means no sense.

    It appears to be a stretch of freedom of speech which has its own consciences. Besides how weak can you get to be rigged when you are in absoulte control of the whole process. Everywhere?

    This makes no sense at all. It is embarrassing to say the least.


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