23-year-old Woman With Visual Impairment Becomes First Blind Lawyer in UK


Jessika Inaba, a 23-year-old woman from Camden, North London, has become the first-ever blind lawyer of African descent in the United Kingdom. She has overcome obstacles and made history through her determination and resilience.

Jessika started a 5-year law program at the University of London, despite people thinking her vision impairment would hold her back. She showed that her dreams weren’t limited by it.

Jessika used Braille to read and understand everything. With the help of her friends and mentors, she successfully completed her entire course with a strong and steady determination.

She began her journey to this important accomplishment in September 2017 when she started her fast-tracked law degree at the University of London. Two years later, she worked on getting a master’s degree and professional training at the same time. Eventually, she became qualified to practice law in the United Kingdom.

Jessika is now part of a special group of pioneering women who are both blind and of African descent, and have become qualified barristers.

This is even more incredible because Jessika fought against Bilateral Microphthalmia, which is a condition where the eyes are smaller than normal, and it made her unable to see at all.

At different points along the way, she had times when she wasn’t sure, but her strong belief in herself pushed her to keep going.

“I’ve always had faith in myself from the beginning. There’s nothing about me that makes this impossible,” Jessika stated. “I’m confident that I can excel in this job, and if more people like me receive training, it will become even easier,” she said.

Unfortunately, Jessika faced prejudiced attitudes while she was studying. There were times when prison officials thought she was a family member visiting instead of a lawyer talking to a client.

But Jessika is still determined and strong-willed, and she keeps motivating others by sharing her inspiring story of overcoming challenges.


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