THIRD Term twakana, says Chikondi Foundation president John Mambo.

The former Church of God overseer said according to the current Constitution that President Edgar Lungu signed in 2016, he does not qualify to stand in the 2021 presidential election because he has held the bible twice.

Bishop Mambo told The Mast that President Lungu stood before God and swore twice as Republican President.

He said the Constitutional Court should not be used as a rubber stamp but instead help the country move forward.

“We will be very disappointed as Zambians if the Constitutional Court is going to be used as a rubber stamp. This is a matter of moving the country forward. According to what we learn in the current Constitution, President Lungu does not qualify to stand because he has held the bible twice as Republican President. Whether it was one month or two months in office, you do not need to hold a PhD in law to understand that [you have held office],” Bishop Mambo said. “So what we need to see is lawyers behaving like lawyers in the SADC and Commonwealth region, worldwide because Zambia we have become a laughing stock. When you go to court you already know the outcome.”

He said if President Lungu insists on having a third term, Zambians would humble him in the ballot box.

“The best way to stop President Lungu’s third term bid is people power, because people’s power you cannot underrate it. They [PF] can employ all means but people power will work against them. Once Zambians make up their mind, don’t be cheated, they will humble you. It is the people who are going to humble President Lungu and this time around…” he said. “That is why I am saying men and women in uniform should remain professional. They should stop any nonsense that we see of cadres coming in the streets and harassing people. Let the will of the people carry the day. So when you talk about running for the third term, twakana (we refuse).”

Bishop Mambo said if the Electoral Commission of Zambia and the courts disregard the Constitution, they would be destroying the country.

He said a constitution should not be changed to suit certain individuals.

“Bill 10 has fallen and it is a warning sign written in black and white that if the ruling party is not going to behave, the legacy that they will leave behind…A lot of money was spent to sign the current Constitution at the [National Heroes] Stadium and the President danced that ‘I can even sign it with my eyes closed’. I mean, what has changed now? What was so special about Bill 10 where a lot of money has been exchanged? No, a constitution must be respected,” said Bishop Mambo.


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