Controversial rapper 50 Cent does not think he is wrong for comments which seemingly unfavourably compared black women to their “exotic” counterparts in an interview with fellow rapper Lil Wayne.

The two have faced a backlash for the dating segment of a chat that included discussions on slain rapper Pop Smoke’s new album and Nicki Minaj.

“They get mad. They get angry. You see a lot of sisters go, “You f*k with this kind of girl and that kind of girl?” That s*t is exotic!’ Fiddy told Lil Wayne, who laughed through that part of the conversation on Apple Music.

According to critics, the two perpetuated the angry black woman stereotype.

“That s*t look a lot different than the st you see in the neighborhood all of the time. That s*t look like it came off a boat.”

Critics of the two rapper’s conversation included Wayne’s daughter Regina Carter who tweeted: “I’m black ! I’m beautiful ! I’m enough ! I’m exotic ! I’m amazing ! I’m one of a mf kind!!!! Now where [are] my black beautiful Queens at?” the 21 year-old wrote.

Twitter was almost united in its criticism of the Queens rapper, with one user tweeting : “It’s unfortunate that black women always have to go the extra mile to prove our worth. When some of these so called “black kings” self-hate run so deep. I’m over it

Meanwhile, on Instagram 50 was unapologetic as ever, doubling down on his sentiments. “What i said is true now picture me, unaffected, unapologetic and unavailable for any other comments,” he said as he shared a clip of the interview.

Vivica A. Fox weighed in on the matter during Tuesday’s (July 7) episode of Cocktails with the Queens. Fox said that her ex has “f**boy tendencies,” and is intimidated by Black women.

“When I read that [his comments] I was like really? You would say that because you don’t want anyone to challenge you. You want somebody to sit over there like a pretty little dog that you can just [pet] right? You can’t handle a Black woman. Can you?”  – Daily Mast


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