50 people suffer injuries as plane “freezes” in midair in New Zealand


Many people on a plane to New Zealand got hurt when the plane suddenly froze in the course of movement during the flight. They had to go to the hospital after the plane landed.

The plane from Sydney to Auckland had a problem and began to drop on Monday afternoon.

According to the St John ambulance, one person is in a serious condition and the rest are in moderate to minor condition.

“They said that 13 patients have been taken to Middlemore Hospital in ambulances so far,” said the statement.

Four ambulance cars, two managers in charge, one vehicle for major emergencies, one Command Unit, and two quick response vehicles were sent to help with the problem at first.

Another person on the plane said to the NZ Herald that they felt a small sudden fall during the flight over the Tasman Sea from New Zealand to Australia.

She said: “I used to work on airplanes and this is the first time I have seen the entire plane stop moving. ”

A person speaking for the Chilean airline said: “The plane landed at Auckland Airport on time. ”

The incident made some passengers and cabin crew feel unwell. They got help right away at the airport from the medical team if they needed it.

‘Latam is sorry for any problems and harm this situation may have caused its passengers, and it wants to make sure that safety is always the most important thing when following its rules for operation. ‘

The airline flies back and forth between Sydney, Auckland, and many big cities in South America.

A new flight has been planned for people who were going to travel from Auckland to Santiago, Chile.


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