6 criminals attacks a Chipata Police Officer, grabs his gun.

Police in Chipata are looking for 6 unknown criminals, who attacked a police officer and robbed him of an AK 47 rifle with 20 rounds of ammunitions.

The criminals, who were armed with machetes, have left the officer, Inspector Joseph Banda aged 47 from Chipata Central Police Station, injured after hacking him on the head.
Eastern Province Commissioner of Police, Geza Lungu, says the incident occurred on Wednesday at around 21:30 hours at Lutembwe dam one in Chipata.

Mr. Lungu told Breeze FM News that whilst on duty at Lutembwe dam one, together with a security guard from Esandra Security Company, the officer was attacked by six unknown male persons armed with machetes, who were putting on blue working suits.

He explains that during the struggle, the officer was overpowered, robbed of the firearm and hacked on the head leaving him with multiple cuts.

Mr. Lungu adds that the security guard had both his legs and hands tied, but was not injured.
He says the officer was rushed to Chipata Central Hospital where he was treated and later discharged.
Mr. Lungu says investigations have been instituted in the matter.


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