60 Choma Headmen Denounce Cornelius Mweetwa

Cornelius Mweetwa


OVER 60 Headmen from Namuswa and Masuku Wards in Choma Central Constituency, have accused area Member of Parliament, Cornelius Mweetwa and other elected leaders as the major reason the district is not receiving tangible development.

The traditional leaders vented their frustration in Masuku, Monday, on the sidelines of a meeting to discuss the hunger situation convened by The Joe Muchindu Foundation, an NGO that looks after the plight of the aged.

Speaking to Byta FM Zambia News on behalf of his fellows, Senior Headman Chitee, Conrad Chalibonena, alleged that elected leaders in the area of sitting on letters addressed to President Hakainde Hichilema over challenges people in Choma are going through.

He fumed that majority of elected leaders in Choma are misrepresenting the truth with regard to implementation of government policies such as the Constituency Development Fund-CDF.

Chalibonena also accused politicians in the area of blocking traditional leaders from having a conversation with the President whenever he is in Choma for fear of being exposed.

Efforts are still ongoing to get a comment from Mweetwa.

In the meantime, United Party for National Development-UPND Southern Province Youth Publicity Secretary, Lloyd Siambeta, says Traditional Leaders have the right to summon the Member of Parliament to air out their grievances.

Siambeta states that the party has a current mandate of five years in government, hence too early to judge the performance of the Member of Parliament before the end of his term.

For more details, tune in to Byta FM 90.3/100.3/101.9


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