More than eight people, motivated by succession wrangles, have been arrested for abducting Chief Chitambo’s close party in Chitambo District, Central Province.

The incident occurred on Saturday, April 2024.

In an interview with Freelance Journalist Bangwe Naviley Chisenga, Chief Chitambo of the Lala people of Chitambo thanked Zambia Police Service in general and particularly Christopher Chibuye, the Officer Commanding for Serenje and Chitambo Districts, for quick action to restore law and order in the Chiefdom.

The Traditional Leader said the rival camp pounced on Headmen that were presiding on Traditional Court cases, beating them ruthlessly.

He said the camp further went for his uncle, visually impaired, beating him mercilessly.

“They started by abducting my young brother, Daniel Kunda, on Sunday night. He was beaten mercilessly and held as a shield to lead them to our uncle Mr. Lupoka who is visually impaired. When they arrived at my uncle’s house, they lied to him that your nephew the Chief has brought you something. My uncle only survived because of his grandson who fought back to rescue his grandfather but in the process he was badly injured by the door of the bus used by the attackers. When they failed to abduct my uncle, they were still holding my young brother hostage and they told him to lead them to the palace. I received a report and told people around the palace to be on alert. The attackers surrounded the Palace but ran away when youths mobilized and they parked the vehicle at a distance. The attackers went away with my young brother and returned to search for me and my wife, following day. They found a Chief’s Retainer who was badly beaten, abducted and taken away, he said.

Chief Chitambo said the attackers went to the palace where they beat up Chief’s Retainers.

“Before they could beat and pick up the retainer they on Sunday night also beat pick up on my Young brother brother Daniel Kunda at my village in masemo,” he said.

The Lala Chief said the suspects are currently in Police custody and will appear in Court soon.

“Because I was not in the village when this incidence happened, I have been informed that about 12 of those dangerous criminals have been arrested. They are not necessarily fighting for Chieftainship, no. They have just taken advantage of the situation. The people involved have got a record of murder, previously. So they have just taken advantage of the situation. When I was chosen as Chief, some of my relatives involved in the fracas were part of those that chose me and among those arrested are some of my relatives that actually chose me. Now, because some have been criminals before they have just taken advantage of the situation,” he said.

Chief Chitambo said three other suspects are on the run with Police working hard to arrest them.

“What is more disastrous is that one of the most dangerous criminals by the name of Michael Fresh, one female called Munshya Kunda and Mwewa commonly known as Izo Izo are on the run. However, Police have intensified efforts and monitoring the situation insisting that the culprits be arrested. We are working with the Police to ensure that the three are arrested. I have just received information that on Monday, night, there was a bus parked within the premises of the Palace suspected to be the same people,” he said.


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