Frank Mutubila

90 per cent of my friends are women- Frank Mutubila Reveals

Most people think they know me, but what they see and hear on radio and TV is an illusion says Frank Mutubila.

The legendary broadcaster also says that about 90 per cent of his friends are women.

Frank who is known who has been broadcasting for over 50 years says people have called him several names including a womaniser.

“I have been called several names in my life part including a number womaniser, something body that has no kids, failed marriage and so on.

But what people don’t know is that what they hear and see on Tv is an illusion and not the real me, most poke don’t even know me!. I like women and about 90 cent of my friends are women,”said Frank Mutubila during the launch or the Movement Magazine latest issue launch that features him.


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