Courtesy: Power FM Livingstone

It comes with deep sadness to learn of the death of Munguni. He was our largest man eating male crocodile at Livingstone Reptile Park next to Victoria Falls Castle. Munguni, who was estimated to be about 90 years old, has been a resident with us for 15 years providing many a tourist with amazement at his sheer size!

Munguni’s story is notorious because his last victim & namesake was knocked out if his canoe & left holding onto the side of it, only to let go when he realised the boat was about to be overturned with his children in it! Luckily his children managed to paddle to safety.

Livingstone Reptile Park were called out after the incident to capture him but he managed to evade the capture team on several occasions. When they finally caught him, he pulled the 1 tonne boat with 9 people in it for a good 30 mins down the river before tiring. He was so big, they couldn’t get him into the boat & he had to be tied up along side it. His tail was so long & heavy that it hung straight down in the water. One of the team jokingly said “someone needs to dive in & get a rope around his tail to pull it up!” Before they knew it, one of the capture team, Victor, had jumped into the water to retrieve the other end of the rope before anyone had managed to tie up the jaws! It took 20 people to carry him when he was released into the Reptile Park. At his death, Munguni weighed about 850 Kg & was just over 5.2m long.

The Reptile Park is still home to 2 huge man eating males, Godzilla & Nangana who are not far off in size now, but are sure to over take him for the title as largest Male!


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