The dictatorship mind of President Hichilema – Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

Emmanuel Mwamba

By Amb. Emmanuel Mwamba

The dictatorship mind of President Hichilema

In this audio, Mafinga MP, Robert Chabinga gives us insights about President Hakainde Hichilema’s security detail that involves foreign, cadres, parallel and local official security elements.

It might appear to be mere rumblings of a politician, but is a window to the tyranical atmosphere existing.

Chabinga reveals how Hichilema’s daily trek to Community House is secured and how he has purged officers at State House to incorporate his own local and foreign elements.

Concepts of Security and Insecurity

Dictators emphasise on a combination of power and legal elements with the predominance of the former, institutional and personal factors of public security with the priority of the former.

Instruments of psychological pressure, intimidation to keep the people in line, military force and diplomacy to prevent internal and external threats.

With power concentrated in one’s family faction or region, a dictator sees enemies and dissent manifesting itself everywhere, bringing to the fore conspiracies of insecurity.

It forces him to appoint only his kith and kin in all key position to the detriment of the Constitution, inclusiveness and fairness.

He sees plots against his temporal hold on power everywhere and reacts with tyrannical hold on power; reacting to dissent with brutality, resorting to every situation with oppression and repression, suspicious of any public gathering other than the one he has put together.

Such a leader may not give up power even if he loses elections!


  1. You have just found nothing to dent his name. You seem not to learn anything. How much mad did you throw to HH to dent his name while you were in power? You have continued on the same path which is not helping you in anyway.

  2. When people fail to give alternative solutions to the challenges our nation is facing, they resort to name calling and character assassination.

    Mr Mwamba, you are exhibiting a very unhealthy interest in security details of the Head of State. Of what interest is this information to you? The office of the President is entitled to security regardless of where he is operating from. By publishing these details in the public domain, you are exhibiting malice and widening the security breach.

    Let’s discuss ideas and alternative solutions to the challenges of ordinary Zambians. Not every day fyoto fyoto unsupported allegations and character assassination.

    In case you are not aware, every time HH scores a goal which you chaps failed to score, every time he delivers on a promise (yes, delivering on most of those promises will take time – it is a process, not a magic trick) and you and your colleagues fail to acknowledge that victory for the people, you distance yourself from the people who benefit from his hard work. By not acknowledging the something that will benefit the people you are indirectly stating that this was not on your radar or agenda. You are slowly but quickly losing even the little sympathy people have for you when you do this and all we get from you and your camp is name calling. Please continue in this path. It consolidates your self inflicted wandering in the political wilderness.

  3. If what that man said is true I would not blame HH for all the security measures he had taken. Right now HH is thee most hated person in Zambia by Mwaamba and the PF or UKA or whatever opposition. You people hate the president for his capability his honesty and his achievements so far. If HH brought in the CIA or FBI or the KGB or the mafia to protect him I would be in the forefront to support him. He is a Zambian and knows how you people corrupted the people by paying them to do dirty works. Yes the PF hVe the money and are capable. Look at the amount of cash found on Faith Musonda how many more undiscovered have even more than that? So for me if HH has this security I salute him .

  4. Emmanuel Mwamba what do you gain in discussing in public the security details of the Republican President?

    When law enforcement agencies summon Emmanuel Mwamba to answer charges he start complaining about police brutality and political interference. When political opponents of the new dawn government run out of ideas they start discussing things they shouldn’t discuss in public. Give someone enough freedom of speech/ expression later that freedom will become self detrimental to them.

    It is said that whoever guards his mouth and tongue keeps his Soul from trouble.

  5. Ba mwamba ukusabaila, alatodolo musuma, so you can’t just keep quiet? So apa ngabamicita summon ku police ati HH taba bwino kkkkkkkkkk , okay ndelolesha fye kkkkkkkkkk.


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