A dangerous ID!OT is in the White House – Trump mocks Preside Biden for saying Putin ‘is losing the war in Iraq’ twice


Former US President, Donald Trump spent part of July 4, mocking President Joe Biden over his gaffe made during his independence speech.

U.S. President Joe Biden said on Tuesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin was “losing the war in Iraq” when he meant to say Ukraine.

Speaking to reporters briefly before departing the White House on a trip to Chicago, Biden was asked if Putin had been weakened by the brief uprising led by a Russian mercenary chief whose forces had been fighting against Ukraine.

“It’s hard to tell really. But he’s clearly losing the war in Iraq. He’s losing the war at home and he has become a bit of a pariah around the world. And it’s not just NATO, it’s not just the European Union. It’s Japan, it’s 40 nations,” he said.

It was Biden’s second slip-up in 24 hours. On Tuesday night, Biden corrected himself at a campaign fundraising event – referring to China when he meant India, whose prime minister, Narendra Modi, visited the White House a week ago.

“You probably saw my new best friend – the prime minister of a little country that’s now the largest in the world, China – I mean, excuse me, India. India is not looking for a permanent alliance, but they’re looking for some hedge against – in the region,” he said.

Trump took to social media to blast his rival.

“When Biden said twice that Putin is ‘losing the war in Iraq,’ everyone knew by confirmation that we have a confirmed and very dangerous idiot in the White House,” the former president said Tuesday afternoon on Truth social. “The US can’t let this go on!”

He also shared a meme with a “F*** Biden” flag.


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