A Heartfelt Plea For Forgiveness And Renewed Commitment To A Better Life In 2024- Chanoda Frackson Ngwira



Better late than never…..

In a humble plea for forgiveness, I come to you all, those I have wronged knowingly or unknowingly in the year 2023 or even before. I wish to express my sincerest apologies for any pain, hurt or disappointment I may have caused. As we are in the new year of 2024, I am committed to rewriting my life and hungering for a better future alongside each and every one of you.

To those individuals, both known and unknown, that I may have crossed paths with especially on social media, but never had the chance to meet or engage with personally, I acknowledge that my actions may have unknowingly hurt you. Please accept my heartfelt apologies, as I strive to learn from my past mistakes and grow into a more understanding and compassionate individual.

To those I could have politically offended through my writings or talk, I recognize that my actions may have caused anger or offenses. I deeply regret any harm I may have caused and hope we can build bridges instead of walls, fostering collaborative efforts to mend relationships and work towards a common good for a better Zambia. Note that I remain a committed Member of the PATRIOTIC FRONT…

To those within the spiritual realm, I am sorry for any transgressions I may have committed or any harm I may have caused by not living up to higher moral standards, remember i am only human bound to error just like any other. I understand the importance of respect, empathy, and kindness towards all spiritual beliefs, and I vow to be more mindful and accepting moving forward.

This plea for forgiveness extends to every person I may have encountered throughout my journey – friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, or even strangers. It is an admission of my imperfections, coupled with a genuine desire to change and become a better person.

In 2024, I make a solemn promise to reflect on my past actions, to learn from them, and to continuously strive to improve myself as a human being. I am committed to fostering nurturing relationships, promoting empathy and understanding, and becoming an advocate for positive change in every aspect of my life.

May we find it within our hearts to grant forgiveness, and may the year 2024 be a year of healing and restoration for us all.

I remain

Chanoda Frackson Ngwira


  1. A good start is for you to come out of the Umodzi Kumawa regional grouping. It does not mean well for our country and you know it.

    What has prompted this soul searching? I hope you mean every word and that this is not being done to smoothen a bumpy ride.


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