Naomi Tetamashimba
Naomi Tetamashimba


I met my choice of president for the first time in person 6 years ago and what I quickly noticed most about him was that he is a good listener.

President Hakainde is a good listener and despite him having many conversations with a lot of people,he can remind you when you meet him months later on what you spoke about.

An example is on this day,I had months earlier shared with the President that I had decided to go back to school for studies in public administration and when I next met him it wasn’t about politics like I expected being I am a provincial Leader I thought he would want to know how UPND IN northwestern was doing,instead he asked me how are you doing in school and I started telling him about it and he encouraged me to push on.

His conversations are always of encouragement and life in general. He always asks about family and To me that’s what I like about him,the fact that he can engage with anybody despite their background but still make them feel like the most important person in that moment.
President HH is someone I have come to describe as a 3D type of a leader.He is deliberate,determined and Daring.

Zambia under the leadership of President HH will steadily move in the positive direction the moment he begins his term.

I ask those that pray to commit the nation in prayer including ALL our leaders. If serving the nation is the ultimate goal of our leaders then surely we should find some ground of common understandings for respect of one another.

President HH has committed his life to contribute to improve and liberate the nation and I think every meaningful Zambian must give him an opportunity like they have with others.
This election will be different. You don’t have to be in a political party to vote right,you don’t have to be in party structures to campaign right,it starts where you are with whatever person you come in contact with.

Muntu pa muntu requires everyone’s participation.
I am voting right this year for my children. What’s your motivation for voting right this year?

Naomi Tetamashimba Khumalo.


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