A month after opening up about his divorce, Jeezy reveals babysitter molested him as a child


n a recent YouTube video titled “I Might Forgive… But I Don’t Forget,” rapper Jeezy, born Jay Wayne Jenkins, opened up about a traumatic experience from his childhood. The 46-year-old artiste revealed that he was molested by a female babysitter, leading him to rely on his faith and religious upbringing to cope with the emotional impact.

The disclosure occurred during a conversation with actress Nia Long, shedding light on the rapper’s struggles and the role of spirituality in his healing process.

The musician recounted his troubling childhood experience, revealing that his older nanny engaged in inappropriate actions, including unwarranted touching, which he described as events outside the typical experiences for children, according to the Daily Mail.

Rapper Jeezy, who filed for divorce from his estranged wife Jeannie May in September, confirmed when directly asked by Long if he had experienced molestation. “Right, basically,” he said.

According to him, he was initiated into a sexual relationship at a tender age. He claimed that aside from this traumatic experience, he saw his friend’s father shoot his wife multiple times during a playdate.

He explained that those images impacted his mental health for a long time and by the age of eight, he thought those images were normal. He indicated that this informed his behavior of wanting to protect himself because he lacked trust in systems and the people.

Rapper Jeezy disclosed that he left home at the age of 13, alleging that his mother had pulled a gun on him during an argument. These revelations surfaced just a month after he spoke out about his ongoing divorce.

He announced the end of his marriage with a statement explaining that the decision was not impulsive and was made with a heavy heart. He also expressed a kind sentiment towards his ex-wife Jeannie, who had denied rumors of an affair with Mario Lopez shortly after Jeezy filed for divorce.

He expressed enduring love and respect for his ex-wife Jeannie despite their separation, reminiscing over the cherished moments they shared. He pledged their commitment to providing love and stability for their one-year-old daughter, Monaco, born in January 2022.


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