More than 63,000 people have signed a petition demanding that Vladimir Putin’s rumored mistress be expelled from Switzerland. As Putin’s conflict in Ukraine continues, Olympic gymnast Alina Kabaeva, 38, is said to have been transferred to a private chalet in Switzerland early this month.

According to Mail Online, Kabaeva is commonly thought to be Putin’s mistress and the mother of four of his children, whom he has never publicly acknowledged.

Citizens from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine signed a petition two weeks ago urging Swiss authorities to expel Kabaeva from the country and deport her back to Russia.

Over 63,000 people have signed the petition, which depicts Kabaeva as the “preferred wife of the insane tyrant and war criminal Putin.”

‘It’s past time you reconnect Eva Braun with her Führer,’ the petition stated emphatically.

‘Despite the current conflict, Switzerland continues to host a Putin regime collaborator.’According to Mail Online, the West has not yet sanctioned Kabaeva, who, in addition to being Putin’s suspected secret partner, is also chairman of the board of directors at National Media Group, a large Kremlin-obedient TV and newspaper conglomerate, with a salary of nearly £8 million a year.

‘We, the residents of Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine, who are currently suffering greatly, have joined forces to appeal to the Swiss authorities,’ read the petition.

‘The public has just learned that the Russian political and media figure, and former athlete, Alina Kabaeva, is hiding the consequences of the sanctions imposed on the Russian Federation in your country.’

The petition continued: ‘She is the favorite wife of delusional dictator and war criminal who has been treacherously attacking Ukraine over the past weeks.’

The petitioners questioned why, ‘given the volume of sanctions placed on Russia’, Swiss authorities continue to host her and her family at a time when Putin ‘is destroying the lives of millions’.

The petition tells the Swiss: ‘For the first time in modern history, your country has violated its neutrality, which it did not even do vis-à-vis Nazi Germany in the 20th century, and joined the sanctions against Putin and his surroundings.

‘And now you are allowing his favourite mistress and her children to hide within the borders of your state.’

There is as yet no independently verified evidence that Kabaeva, a former pro-Putin MP, is hiding in Switzerland, where she is thought to have given birth to the Russian President’s children.

The petition calls for the Swiss authorities to ‘investigate very carefully the legal basis on which she is present in your country, and to check ‘the cleanliness of the funds used for the purchase of real estate in Switzerland, of which this person uses’.


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