A Petty Submission For A Petty Politician: The Case Of Fred M’membe And His Appetite For Division, Hate , Pettiness And Exteme Jealousy- Mark Simuuwe

Dr Fred M’membe
Dr Fred M’membe


By Mark Simuuwe

Zambians , especially youths who were born around the 1990s ought to know who Fred M’membe is .

Just like he ran the Post Newspaper to advocate for Bantustan , hate , division , extreme jealousy and later calling the People of Western, Lusaka , Copperbelt , Central , Southern and Northwestern Provinces names(Bantustan) , he is back with another evil jacket of wanting to divide the country by trying to hoodwink traditional leaders and chiefs that he would pay all of them if given an opportunity to rule.

Fred , naturally hates people that have made in life or are doing better than him . This is one of his worst characteristics, among his bad characteristics .

I recall , in the early 1990s -due to his extreme jealousy, Fred mocked those either very educated , economically stable or were doing better than him , and many responded by mocking his education background, before he could attend adult education.

This is why President Fredrick Titus Chiluba never gave him space for evil propaganda; Chiluba ensured , Fred was insulated until he ran away from the country.

The question is , where was he when his friends like HH were making it to the university of Zambia straight from secondary school to study economics and excelled in business at personal level , for Fred to think HH is not intelligent ?

For many people who do not know Fred , he hated HH from the beginning , especially the early days when Fred , using the PostNewspaper , questioned how HH acquired his wealth at a tender age . Instead of learning from HH’s business acumen, Fred , developed extreme jealousy and hate and resolved to support Sata then , to ensure at all cost , HH did not emerge politically.

For those who do not know , it was his hate for HH which made Fred support Bill 10 which was meant to block HH from standing in 2021 . The same hate and jealousy motivated Fred to reconcile with PF and went into an evil alliance ahead of 2021 elections.

Due to his jealousy and inability to learn , Fred now survives on blackmailing Socialist states for money.

What he does not also realize is that Zambians are not gullible; they know that Fred and the PostNewpaper were praising overborrowing , or debt contraction which brought Zambia to its knees ; and today he wants to be an angel .

Fred , as a PF sympathizer then, worked so hard to even ensure President HH , while in opposition was completely marginalized and blacked out by the media.

Fred ran a series of negative and scandalous messages against HH and the “Zambezi”, people as he called them , in the Post Newspaper. Little did he realize that HH would one day be his President.

Today , Fred is talking of paying the headmen across the country and all traditional leaders in order for him to win support using deceit and lies .

Firstly , Fred is one human being who does not even know how many headmen the country has . What he is talking about is total propaganda. Journalists have not asked him to state how many headmen are in Zambia.

Further , among so much mess that Fred M’membe and the PF left the country in , he has chosen hate speech , propaganda , division and lies as a message for Socialist Party.

He is busy fishing in the dark upon seeing that he has no alternatives to the UPND’s free education, students meal allowance reinstatement, debt restructuring, revamping of mines , CDF projects , Civil Service employment recruitments , salary increase for Mayors/ Council Chairpersons and Councilors , Market access agreements, Unity of purpose , budget credibility, a clear framework for debt management, fight against corruption , rule of law , access to information law , removal of death sentence , removal of criminal defamation of the President, freedom of the media , which Fred himself is freely using and abusing , among other important strides so far made in less than two years of UPND leadership .

What Fred does not realize is that citizens know that it was him and the PF who ran down the economy after overborrowing and left the country growing in negatives , at negative 2 percent of the GDP , with above 22percent inflation , high corruption, illegal Mukula exports , bloodshed , state- sponsored terrorism , nepotism, ethnic cleansing , and left salary arrears in the council , failed to pay farmers , failed to pay retirees, scrapped off meal allowances, among other evils .

Fred knows very well that he has nothing to offer to the people of Zambia and now believes dreaming and insults is the way to practice politics.

In any case , it is a well-known fact that President Hakainde Hichilema has taught many people that you can practice politics with integrity and humility.

Fred should be reminded that the evil Postnewspaper era of insulting and demeaning people who have done better than him is gone , and cannot put food on the table .

Fred has a tendency to insult all those who are better than him .

Many citizens may recall that this is the same behavior Fred took to GBM some years back , but GBM was far ahead of him . I recall one time GBM told him off saying ,” you sell your paper at k3 , but I sell a bag of mealie meal above k150…” trying to put Fred in his place . This is the language Fred understands.

Unfortunately , President HH is above Fred’s reasoning .

This is the man who called President HH names, saying that “he had never been even a councilor and would want to be President;” today Fred has forgotten about “the calculator boy ( HH) and untested leadership “, he coined about HH , and today wants to try to be president without the experience that he questioned HH about.

What a political joker of the century without a proper framework of the mind on how to run the country.

This is the same Fred who influenced President Sata to promise the people of Western Province that he would restore the Barotseland agreement but later did a “ Donchi Kubeba “ on them . He wants to use the same deceit on the people of Western Province.

You can see the anger in Fred’s face of failing to appeal to electorates as he addresses the press .

He also talked of morality ; what morality can Fred tell us when he has not responded to Wynter Kabimba’s homosexuality allegations?

Wynter Kabimba has dared M’membe on several occasions; at some point they even went to court and Fred lost the case.

Finally , Fred is basically trying to agitate overthrowing of the constitution by calling for change that allow for Western Province to have a ngambela as minister and once caged , he cries foul .

He is using the same behavior to divide traditional leaders by supporting divisive meetings aimed at Isolating and undermining some ethnic groupings; once caged , let him not cry .

You cannot have a person who believes in demeaning others and calling other tribes names as a way of practicing politics . A person who relishes on confusion and chaos .

Perhaps , it is time we questioned whether the name ,M’membe is a Zambian name .

His level of anger , pettiness , jealousy and mediocrity leave much to be desired .

What we also need to remind journalists is that this is a person who is not intelligent at all . For avoidance of doubt , let them ask Fred to provide solutions to the problems Zambia is faced with , trust me , many journalists will regret ever asking him as he will dismiss them with impunity.


  1. Tell him. He thinks Zambia is his dead newspaper, The Post, where he used to doctor every article to suit his agenda. Let alone, The Mast which has failed to attain The Post’s glory despite him being behind it and frantically pulling the strings.

  2. Before wasting your time with empty article, you should have asked your media colleague Oliver in UPND,perhaps your ranting would have made little sense. Your Freind mupushi has put his head in the sand over renaming barotseland. Fred was right in his article. Now it’s you with long articles full of garbage.


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