A Political Spectacle, Not a Solution- Edwin Lifwekelo

Edwin Lifwekelo
Edwin Lifwekelo


A Political Spectacle, Not a Solution

Lusaka….4th September 2023

It has become a common practice for African leaders to personally commission infrastructure projects, no matter how small. The President’s recent act of commissioning a borehole is a clear example of his trend, and it raises important questions about the appropriate use of political power and resources. His involvement in such a practice is more about political grandstanding than genuine development.

Misallocation of Presidential Resources when the country is going through alot should not be thought of at any time..Remember that President is the highest-ranking official in the country and is responsible for managing complex national affairs. Commissioning a borehole is a task that could easily be carried out by a local councilor or municipal official. It is a waste of the President’s valuable time and resources to engage in such activities when there are pressing national issues to address.

Diversion of Focus and Commissioning a borehole may garner media attention, but it diverts the focus away from critical matters such as economic development, healthcare, education, and national security. Leaders should prioritize their responsibilities rather than seeking photo opportunities for minor projects.

Commissioning a borehole is a symbolic act meant to portray the President as a “man of the people.” However, it does not address the underlying problems of inadequate infrastructure planning and maintenance. The borehole itself may not solve the long-term water supply issues faced by the community.

By personally handling a local project, the President inadvertently undermines the authority and responsibilities of local elected officials. Councilors and municipal leaders are elected to address the needs of their constituents, and the President’s intervention diminishes their role.

Presidential visits and ceremonies are costly affairs, involving security, transportation, and logistical expenses. These resources could be better spent on projects that require national-level attention and funding.

It is a manipulation of public sentiment rather than genuine concern for the people.

It is essential for leaders to connect with their constituents and address their needs, the commissioning of a borehole is a clear case of political theater that detracts from more critical national priorities. It is imperative that leaders prioritize their responsibilities and allow local officials to handle routine, community-level projects. This would promote efficient resource allocation, empower local governance, and allow the President to focus on matters of national significance.

Edwin Lifwekelo

Acting PF Media Director


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