Dr Fred M’membe

Abena Zambia twacula pafula, says Socialist Party president Fred M’membe.

“We considered you are one of us, our own and what did you do? Push us to poverty, squalor life! Why did you do this?” he asked.

In his reflections on the August 2021 presidential and general elections, Dr M’membe asks if it is a crime to mobilise for, agitate for, organise for, seek support for, ask for votes for a more just, fair and humane society.

“On August 12, 2021, you the people will decide, which type of government you want – an inclusive government, caring for the whole society or an exploitative system where a muntu (person) is in the forefront of pushing fellow muntus (people) to perpetual servitude, a legacy of political and economic slavery of colonial era, mastered by our own slave trading politicians!Cannot we stand for ourselves, our children, our mothers, sisters and daughters, our grandparents? Cannot we give them hope by voting for a party of the humble by the humble for the humble, for socialists and for them to see equality from the day one of ushering in of a socialist government in August 2021?” he asks. “It is painful to be mistreated by an outsider but when our own, muntu exploiting muntu, dividing the society between haves and have-nots, systematically inflicting more and more pain and humiliation, killing their self esteem…That is more painful. Abena Zambia twacula pafula!”

Dr M’membe wondered if it was a crime to talk and stand against inequality?

“Is it a crime to speak up for the rural poor, the urban poor, the suffering masses of our people?

Is it a crime to mobilise for, agitate for, organise for, seek support for, ask for votes for a more just, fair and humane society? Is it a crime to stand up for the sidelined, marginalised majority and take head-on the crony capitalists?” he asks further.

“It is you the people who will decide what society you want – an exclusive or an inclusive governance, a just system; an inclusive system or a system that works for the elites, the apa mwambas (affluent) or for every son and daughter of our homeland.”

Dr M’membe said it shouldn’t be a crime to be born in a poor family.

“Is it a crime to be a son or daughter of a peasant farmer, or that of a bus driver, a teacher, a police officer, a marketeer, a mine worker, an artisan, a factory worker, a security guard, a cleaner, a maid, a garden boy, a bricklayer, a carpenter, a plumber, a mechanic, a street vendor?” questioned M’membe. “Why cannot a guard, a marketeer be a member of parliament? Why it has to be a privileged or a wheeler dealer always representing you? Will you vote for millions of jobs? Will you vote for your fellow teacher, marketeer, vibrant youth? Will you vote for a fair and just society, where human is always before a hegemonic corporation? Will you vote for your own socialist?”


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