Miles Sampa


By Miles B. Sampa, MP

April 12th 2024

Reminds me of my savage primary school teacher who when punishing us for whatever reason, would pinch our ears with his nails and demand we scream, “Kanigala ka njuchi ” (I am currently undergoing a bee bite). Yes the mambala last name was from Eastern 😁

Bizarre event yesterday in Luanshya town leading to a Presidential rally dispersed by a sudden bee swarm envasion.

Just how and why?
According to my research …
Some of the reasons that causes bees to chase people unprovoked includes;

1) Protective instincts; Bees are naturally protective of their nests or hives, and they perceive any sudden movement or intrusion as a potential threat.

2) Defending the hive; Bees are particularly defensive when guarding their hives, and they might chase perceived threats away to protect the colony.

3) Territorial behavior; Bees established territories around their nests and if they perceive someone encroaching they may respond defensively.

4) Flight response; Flees are programmed to flee from potential treats, and chasing behavior may be an attempt to drive away what they perceive as a danger.

5) Mistaken identity; Sometimes, bees may mistake humans for larger predators or threats, especially if they are moving quickly or making loud noises.

6) Alarm pheromones; If a bee stings and releases alarm pheromones, it can attract other bees to the area, potentially leading to more apparent aggression.

7) Protecting resources ;Bees might also chase people if they associate them with a perceived threat to their foraging resources or food sources.

8)Use of strong scents and perfumes; In some cases bees may interpret the unfamiliar scent as a potential threat , leading to defensive behaviors such as chasing.

No wont add mfwiti (witchcraft) 🤔
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