ACC arrests Lusambo over his Chamba valley house


ACC arrests Lusambo over his Chamba valley house

THE ANTI-Corruption Commission (ACC) yesterday arrested Bowman Lusambo over his house in Lusaka’s Chamba Valley, which it says is a product of grand corruption.

The graft-fighting body summoned Lusambo for questioning, to justify how he managed to build his upmarket house.

Lusambo, a former Lusaka Province minister, remained tight-lipped about his alleged shady deals, prompting the Commission to arrest him for possessing property suspected to be proceeds of crime.

Lawyer Nkhula Botha, who confirmed Lusambo’s arrest, said his client was released on bond, awaiting to appear before court.

Last year magistrate Albert Mwaba annulled the seizure notice which gave the ACC power to grab Lusambo’s house, in order to prevent any transactions on the property whilst his corruption cases are pending determination before the fast track court.

However, the DPP on behalf of the ACC, has contested magistrate Mwaba’s decision to discharge the seizure notice, before the Economic and Financial Crimes Court (High Court division).

The Court is yet to deliver its judgment on wether Lusambo will continue spending nights in his fancy house, or he will join street kids in spending nights under the flyover bridges constructed by the PF administration.

By Mwaka Ndawa



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