The Anti Corruption Commission says it is insane and immoral to waste time on unfounded allegations from Chilufya Tayali at the expense of following serious corruption cases.

The senior officers says they are busy investigating serious financial scandals at the Ministry of Health and government entities which directly affect Zambians negatively…

The officers adds that there is no unique evidence which is there to warrant an arrest and if anything, these documents Mr Tayali submitted are the same documents which Mr Hichilema has and everything was done in a transparent manner.

The Anti-Corruption Commission has since warned People not to be excited with fake information they are given as it will land them in to trouble.
ACC says late President Sata and Mwanawasa who hated corruption where not stupid not to bring up this issues because they knew to well that this was a non-issue therefore members of the public should not abuse the institution to raise money.

Mr Tayali on Monday reported UPND President Hakainde Hichilema to the Anti-Corruption Commission-ACC-over the privatization of government assets disclosing that Mr Hichilema is allegedly owning a house in Lusaka’s Chelstone area and a farm in Kalomo district.

He has also accused the UPND leader of being an identity fraud and that he will report him to the police soon.


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