By Irvin Muyumbwa
The Anti-Corruption Commission-ACC has charged and arrested Patriotic Front Acting president Given Lubinda on five (5) counts of being in possession of property reasonably suspected to be proceeds of crime.

His Lawyer Jonas Zimba has confirmed that this relates to a house in Kingsland City, the second relating to $100,000, third relating to $50,000 and another relating to $80,000 among others found in different bank accounts.

Mr Zimba says Mr Lubinda has been released on police bond after about 3 hours of interrogation and will appear in court on 21st April, 2022.

And speaking to journalists after his release, Mr Lubinda says he is happy that the UPND is now arresting people it alleges of having stolen, including himself, which gives them an opportunity to acquit themselves in court.

Mr Lubinda going round brandishing people to be thieves must come to a stop end and those suspected to have committed offenses must be presented to law enforcement agencies.

And Mr Lubinda says the UPND leadership is hypocritical, which he says re-echos former President Edgar Lungu’s statement last Friday.



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