By Antonio Mwanza


MUSA NWENYA, Chairman of the discredited Anti Corruption Commission today held a presser to try to explain how the over K65million which was confiscated from Faith Musonda and ALLEGEDLY disbursed to UNZA students for bursaries has gone missing as REVEALED by the Audit Report from the Office of the Auditor General.

Mr Mwenye washed his hands saying the discredited Anti Corruption Commission surrendered the money to Ministry of Finance. He could, however, not say what the Ministry of Finance did with the money.

The Audit Report has, however, REVEALED that the money did not reflect on Control 99. In short, the money was either diverted or stolen.

Chapter 347 of the laws of Zambia clearly stipulates how Government money must be administered and managed. The provides for the control and management of the public finances of the Republic of Zambia and for matters connected therewith.

Article 200 (1) of the Constitution of Zambia states that there is established a Consolidated Fund to which shall be credited the revenues and other monies accruing to the Treasury.

Financial Regulations of 2006 as prescribed in Article 130 states that all revenue shall be deposited to the credit of the Treasury Account (Control 99) at the Bank of Zambia, using Accounts Form 25(Rev.), six copies of which shall be completed in respect of each deposit.

Article 15 (1) of Public Finance Act of 2004:m states that subject to any express direction of the Secretary to the Treasury in respect of the operation of any Fund or Working Account established pursuant to section twenty-five all moneys received by any accounting officer shall be deposited not later than the next business day following the day of receipt.

So the question remains; can the Ministry of Finance show proof that the money was indeed not stolen but used to pay bursaries. Can it further show proof that all the financial procedures and regulations as prescribed by law were followed.

Otherwise, the Audit Report is correct that they have stolen the money.


  1. These are the idiots who have been praying that the false information becomes true.

    Mwa NYALA.

  2. Looks like Antonio has been embarrassed. You refuse information from the source, you want to believe things which have not been verified. It stinks of binoculars all over it. The letter is false and it will not do anything to sway the corruption fight.

    • Are you objective yourself? Research don’t believe everything you hear. Don’t you know students at unza benefitted from the said money? I believe you went to school.

    • Common sense attests to that fact that truth is absent from this unsubstantiated report. Besides, who is it addressed to and why is it being responded to by those who have no clue of what actually happened.

      You my friend need to simply read more and research issues before issuing out illogical statements.

      Or maybe your hatred for this Administration is blinding you to see clear and transparent processess. How can you honestly miss this historical unprecedented event.

      Wonders will never end.

  3. How stupid of Antonio.muleke fact govt should investigate the motive behind these falsehoods. It maybe a deliberate attempt to.sway pubic opinion about govt’s commitment to the fight against corruption

  4. Ba Mwenye integrity eroded, honestly! At what point do you resign, esp give the fact that the ACC is protronizing corrupt practices #Shame

  5. What a dull analysis. How come over 2,000 students benefited from this same money? Can you explain this.

    This excitement to discredit the ACC will regrettably erode any trust in these opposing political party representatives.

    This ignorance is embarrassing and alarming. Soon many who rush to issue statements without verifying the mischievous media articles will face some serious consequences for relying on fake and unsubstantiated information. Remember, Ignorance is no excuse at law.

    It is amazing how this politician is speaking with such passion and zeal over an issue that was celebrated publicly and loudly.

    Unfortunately,desperation to make news is becoming too loud and yet when confronted with truth and facts proves to be untrue. It all just fabricated lies with a lot of hot air and noise. But very little substance.


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