By Nelson Zulu

THE Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) has instituted investigation against Alpha Commodities a company owned by a husband to a named Minister in the UPND led government.

Different sources at ACC have confirmed to The New Dawn Newspaper that the Commission is investigating the US$50 million contract awarded to Alpha Commodities and Nitrogen Chemicals of Zambia (NCZ) for the supply of fertilizer.

According to officers close to the investigation, the contract was awarded in November, 2021 through single sourcing.

However, investigations were instituted after the Commission received a complaint from the Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) president Kasonde Mwenda last month.

Kasonde says the delay to update the nation on the progress in the matter, this afternoon forced him to visit the ACC offices to look at progress.

Commenting on the matter, Kasonde said the allegations of single sourcing leveled against Alpha Commodities and NCZ is a case study for President Hakainde Hichilema led government.

“The fight against corruption by President Hakainde Hichilema and his Cabinet (is) on trial…as the EFF reported the $50m fertilizer scandal. ACC has confirmed (our letter of complaint) to have reached the ACC Director General. Apart from impeachment, what will happen if the current UPND cabinet is found guilty of corruption involving $50 million used to ‘illegally’ procure fertilizer (17, 727 metric tonnes of Urea and 19, 300 metric tonnes of D Compound)?” Kasonde wondered.

He said officers at ACC have asked him to get back on Monday for the meeting with the acting Director General.

“…this afternoon paid a courtesy call on the Anti – Corruption Commission (ACC) to inquire on the progress on the alleged corruption involving $50m fertiliser deal under the new dawn. The ACC has confirmed that the letter of complaint we delivered on the 18th February, 2022, which, for a while was lost has been found and finally reached the ACC acting Director General. It is currently on his desk. We have been advised to meet him in person next week Monday,” he said.

According to Kasonde, on November 2021, Alpha Commodities and and NCZ were single sourced for the US$50 million contract to supply fertilizer to Southern and some parts of Western Provinces.

“Single sourcing is illegal under Zambian Laws and amounts to corruption but the HH led Cabinet went ahead and broke the law. The said Alpha Commodities has since been paid by government. If cabinet is found wanting on grounds of corruption, the President risks being the first Zambian President to be impeached. It is thus a test of integrity on the UPND government to see if they are just witch hunting the PF or they are genuinely capable of fighting corruption especially if UPND members are involved,” stated Kasonde.


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