ACC INVESTIGATING Yo Maps’ Land cruiser VX



TWO months ago celebrated Zambian singer Yo Maps sent tongues wagging and gossip Mills running when he shared photos of his newly-bought Land Cruiser VX on Facebook.

But the big black car did not just capture the attention of Yo Maps’ fans but that of the people in the Kulima Tower building where the men and women of the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) operate from.

Sources from the anti-graft body have told Kalemba that the commission has placed restriction on Yo Maps’ vehicle meaning he cannot sell it even if he wanted to.

According to the sources, the car is suspected to be a moving proceed of crime.

The sources told Kalemba that the Somone hit maker is said to have received the Land cruiser VX from a politically exposed person who is trying to conceal their ill-gotten wealth.

The source further disclosed that the singer whose real name is Elton Mulenga appeared before the Anti-Corruption Commission accampanied by his wife yesterday for quizzing in an effort to establish the source of funds for the luxurious vehicle.

The source said the Commission believes that the singer’s earnings from his gigs and music business are not enough to purchase an upmarket vehicle.

When contacted the ACC communications department said they will comment on the matter tomorrow.

But as for Yo Maps, he laughed off the issue saying he was making enough money to afford the vehicle.

Yo Maps said from the proceeds of music, he managed to build a house that was 10 times the cost of the vehicle.

He said he was not aware that ACC was investigating him and that he was in fact planning on getting a similar Land Cruiser but white in colour.

As it stands, only the outcome of investigations will determine whether the singer will clean (ukuipukuta) the cru cru with his explanation, or it will end in ‘soli oh! soli oh!’.

Credit Kalemba


  1. Yo Maps does not have good advisors.

    The value of that VX has already dropped by 40 percent in the 2 months he has had it. But I understand he is a young man, and coming from poverty. I hope he realises soon that cars are not assets. When his music dries up, as it always does to every musician, he will need something to fall back on. If he gets broke, even that wife of his will leave him. Her career path is more certain than Yo Maps.

    Anyway, each man to himself.

  2. Why hasnt HH been querried for his cars and his house? You mean a music star can’t afford that car? You political ACC!
    No “soli” here. This is the equivalent of pointing a gun at an innocent man.
    Yomapp should get a consent judgement for K450,000

  3. That’s jst foolish of this gvt,why don’t they ask the source of poverty from its majority citizens yet tye country is rich with natural resources?do you think a second owned car has got anything to do with the high cost of living, the sooner you put your heads for positive of this country the better other wise we re all watching as citizens. Our minerals re being rooted yet ati ba ACC re on a second landcruser,we re nolonger fools deal with real issues concerning our minerals

  4. These fools have no better things to do than bother a hard-working young man. Honestly, a trending musician can’t buy a decent vehicle? Yalikosa Pa Zambia.


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