By Ulande Nkomesha (News Diggers).


THOSE in charge of fighting corruption know where to find it, but they can’t dare go there because all they want is to remove Edgar Lungu from power, President Lungu said, Sunday.

Speaking when he toured Chifuba Market in Ndola where market shelters were being built, the Head of State said the fight against corruption in Zambia has been anchored on politics, accusing anti-corruption advocates of scheming for regime change.

President Lungu said this after he was informed that the shelters in Bwana Mkubwa were being constructed at a cost of K15 million, while a market in Mpulungu was costing about K28 million.

The President was further told that another market shelter was being built in Chifubu at a cost of K2 million.

In response, President Lungu wondered why the contracts were not being investigated.

“So those who are fighting corruption, where are they? …I have always said that the fight against corruption is anchored on politics trying to get rid of government and those who are doing well. They know where corruption is happening but they don’t even dare to go there because all they want is to get Edgar Lungu out of power,” President Lungu said.

And speaking earlier at the Catholic Diocese of Ndola, President Lungu said the Church should not be involved in politics.

” Ndola on the Copperbelt is a big part of my constituency of the Republic of Zambia and therefore, to say bye is not the right thing but to say I will come back soon because power belongs to you the people of Copperbelt because you influence change. I hope this time around, the message has sunk that don’t be political. That is what the Bishop said, don’t be political. If you want to be politicians, be Christians first. All the good Bishop was saying is take Christ with you in you’re hearts as Christians before you embark on your political careers,” President Lungu said.

“So even as you serve in your politics, you will remember the love of Christ and then you will be able to bring out the best for yourself and the people. I am saying so because I am taking advantage of the homily here yesterday, the homily today, that we belong to one family, the family of Christ. Because of that, there should be no friction because of politics. My appeal all along is that may the Church give its daughters and sons to politics so that we crystalise politics. Only then can we talk to each other on politics without trying to shed blood.”

He said the general election in 2021 could divide the country if the politicians did not put Christ first.

“So ndemilomba mwelukuta lwakwa lesa kuno ku copperbelt ukutila nabalanda bashi kofu ukutila uku tuleya twilasha ubu christu twafwala ama politics, twabikapo nolubuli. Pantu ngauli umwina christu inshita yonse tawakwate ukukwatamo ulubali mukufumya umulopa wenu (So I am kindly asking that the congregation here on the Copperbelt, just like the priest said, as we head towards elections, let us not put our Christianity on hold and involve ourselves in political violence. If we behave like Christians all the time, we will not take part in any bloodshed). Ba Mumbi Phiri muleumfwa (are you listening),” President Lungu said.

“This message should sink in deeply because we are getting into 2021 and 2021 can be the year that can separate this nation if we do not carry Christ with us, especially us who are practicing politics. Let us take Christ into politics; that is the only way we can bring sanity to politics.”


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