ACC To Institute Investigations Against Foreign Affairs Minister Stanley Kakubo

Stanley Kakubo
Stanley Kakubo


By Darius Choonya

The Anti – Corruption Commission ACC wants to institute investigations against foreign Affairs Minister Stanley Kakubo for allegedly collecting 200,000 dollars and a luxury Mercedes Benz from a Chinese National Zhang Lianan of Lianan Mining Limited of Kitwe.

This is in relation for the sale of a mine he claimed he owns in Kasempa District, Northwestern Province.

ACC Head Corporate Communications, Timothy Moono says the commission has taken a keen interest in the matter to determine the next cause of action.

Meanwhile, Diamond News has checked the mining company records on the Patents and Companies Registration Agency-PACRA whose search did not bring up details of the firm but for StanAfrican Logistics Limited details came up and of concern since its incorporation on November 27, 2007 is the non-compliance on its shareholding.

Lianan Mining Limited of Kitwe is linked to StanAfrican Logistics Limited in this transaction involving a down-payment of $50,000 of the $200, 000.-Diamond TV


  1. It is not even about this one minister being corrupt.

    How can a minister or UPND MP own a mine legally and yet Hakainde is clueless? Or ACC has no knowledge? These maggots only got these mines after 2021 because PF never would have allowed them anywhere near national assets, because they were opposition, and had a bad record of privatisation in the past.

    Our mines are not safe at all. Insult me if you want. Call me a tribalist or PF if it makes you feel better. Fact remains we have conmen in office.

  2. Name the others instead of generalising. Those who insult have nothing of substance to offer. Otherwise we should speak out and lay bare the facts. Not “ati its common knowledge”. We can only rid our country by being bold enough to give law enforcement agencies verifiable evidence of misdeeds of those in public office. HH would have been imprisoned when in opposition if he corruptly benefited from privatisation. Lawyers, Liquidators, Accountants involved in privatisation all benefited legally from privatisation with huge payments. Others knew about investments early and invested their earnings while others drank it and even stole from a widow.

  3. The ACC is a toothless institution acting like a fierce Bulldog which has no teeth to bite. For a long time people complained about Mr. Kakubo ‘s corrupt activities and brought forward tangible allegations yet the President and ACC remained mute without taking action.

    President Hikainde Hichilema should wake up and pay attention to the opposition of what they are saying. It should not be a repeat of what happened during former president Edgar Chagwa Lungu ‘s reign whereby citizens complained about corruption in his government and yet he paid a deaf ear and the end was disastrous. Also, people who bring down presidents are those people who are very close to the president who always pretend to portray fake loyalty yet they are wolves in sheep’s skin.

    Why should Ministers start owning mines or big pieces of land at the expense of ordinary Zambians. The poor are always used by selfish politicians to ascend to power for their greedy agendas. For a long time the fight against corruption has been selective and mere cheap talk without tangible action.

  4. If Ministers with not so bad salaries and big allowances and other privileges are obssessed with hunger to amass wealth at all cost ,what about poor public servants in those public offices whose salaries are far much less than Ministers’ salaries ?Zambians must weep for the soil to have taken Mwanawasa and team so quickly when it mattered most….MHSRIP !


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