Acquitted Police Officer Recalls Days As Taxi Driver After Dismissal By PF Regime, Thanks HH’s Govt For Reinstatement



Sydney Musefwe served as Officer in Charge at Mwinilunga Police Station in 2020 before he was arrested and detained at a Police station. He was once a boss.

“I was arrested and detained at Mwinilunga Police Station where I was Officer in charge on 6 th May 2020 and I was charged for destroying evidence and Theft by public servant. After spending a night in custody I was given a police bond then we appeared before the magistrate court and denied the charges,” he explained.

As per procedure in the Zambia Police Service when one is under arrest, Mr. Musefwe was placed on interdiction and on half pay. He then left Mwinilunga and returned to his home town in Kitwe on the Copperbelt province.

He recalled stories circulating within the police service and community of him having K3.5 million, 3 houses in Parklands, Toyota Hilux twin cab and a fully equipped gym.

“It was very difficult for me to accept what was happening to me and was asking myself a lot of questions but couldn’t find the answers. During these trying moments some colleagues, friends distanced themselves from me and started avoiding me, while others among them my intake mates,some work mates ,relatives gave me all the support and encouragement, others connected me to men of God who gave me the spiritual support” Sydeny narrated.

In order to provide for his family as well as travel to Mwinilunga and Solwezi for his court case, he had to find a way to supplement whatever he was receiving from friends who stood by him.

“To enable me feed my family, meet transport to Mwinilunga then Solwezi plus lodging costs and legal fees I had to find a way of supplementing what I was getting in form of assistance from my intake mates, relatives, friends and workmates so I became a taxi driver as got used to shouting abaleya KMB” he said.

After some time, the Magistrate Court acquitted him of any wrongdoing. He has since been reinstated in the Zambia Police Service waiting for deployment.

“I thank God that after two years and some months I was acquitted of all the charges and thanks very much to James and Doris Legal Practitioners and Mr Mazyopa, a very powerful legal team” he said. From the ordeal, Sydney has picked out life lessons such as the need to always prepare for any eventuality in life.

“A lot of lessons learned from this situation.Dont let your rank, position, rank make you too comfortable, don’t look down on people in society because you never know who will come to your aid. Always prepare yourself for any eventualities” he said.


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