Actress Francis Raisa addresses “beef” with friend Selena Gomez whom she donated kidney to


Actress Francia Raisa says there’s no real reason she and Selena Gomez fell out, but that the estrangement was good for their now-repaired relationship.

In an interview with USA Today published Thursday, Dec. 28, the How I Met Your Father actress opened up about her reconciliation with the “Single Soon” singer, explaining that “we never really had beef with each other.”

“Nothing happened, and if you ask either of us, we don’t know what happened,” Raisa, 35, said. “But we needed that time apart.”

“Then when you come back together, you’re better people,” Raisa added. “She and I are still getting to know each other again.”

Raisa went on to note she finds it “crazy” that people are so invested in their friendship, which has gone through ups and downs since the pair met as teenagers in 2007.

Raisa donated one of her kidneys to Gomez, 31, in 2017.

Years later, speculation arose that the two had a falling out when Selena did not name Francia as a “friend in the industry” in an interview.

Francia has now revealed that Selena reached out to her after the singer posted a sweet birthday tribute to her earlier this year.

Francia told ‘USA Today’ that the two “never really had beef with each other,” rather the “relationship has always been there. There was just a tiff.”


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