Macdonald Chipenzi

By MacDonald Chipenzi

It will be wrong for a married man for 10 years who has failed to have children with his lovely wife of 10 years to compete with the unmarried men in strategies in resolving his impotency problem.

The Man must pursue the route of undergoing a fertility treatment or go to a traditional healer for some administration of some herbs not MAKING PROMISSORY NOTES FOR 10 YEARS and beyond.

The woman is desperate for a child in shortest time possible or else divorce is eminent and then out of desperation the man start making difficult-to-fulfil promises?

Buying a woman lipsticks, lighting cream, Brazilian hair, cars, houses and other cosmetics and nice dresses will not make her not want for a child.

We, Zambians, have been waiting for solutions from the PF for the past 10 years to resolve the skyrocketing commodity prices, runaway exhange rate, non-repeal of the archaic laws, non-conducting continuous registration of voters, non-decentralisation of judicial and electoral services, ineffective fight against corruption and public resources abuses, youth and adult unemployment, police partiality on enforcing political issues and poor governance in general among others.

Instead of finding solution, the PF (husband) is busy making new mega promises that, if the Zambian people (wife) do not divorce PF in search of a potent man, PF will abolition road tax, adequately fund the ACC, ECZ and other governance institutions and make them effective conduct their statutory business, in the next 5 years.

Currently, the PF controls the legislature, judiciary and executive arms of Government. It controls the national treasury that contain all our revenues from various taxes and appreciates hugeness of the debt it has accumulated for the country in the last 10 years.

Why is PF failing to abolition the road tax, fund adequately the ECZ, ACC, decentralised the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) to provinces, employ all unemployed adults and youth, stock hospitals with essential drugs?

What miracle performed after the August 12 General Election to enable an impotent husband to now start promising for indiscriminately impregnate his wife of 10 years with twins when pregnating for just a single child had been a nightmare?

If this is not just a tool for canvass for votes and fear of losing the wife (Zambians) to another man during the August 12 General Election, what would it be?

Remember to read Rev 21v 8 on what the bibles says about liars and the destinations.

Ngomwa ni Ngomwa (An impotent man is just impotent) no amount of promises will make him impregnate a woman.

I submit


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