United Party for National Development member Sylvia Masebo has charged that the move to ban political rallies and roadshow is a reaction by the ruling Patritic Fromnt to the popularity of UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema.

In a statement on her facebook page, Ms Masebo said that after seeing the massive crowd that HH pulled on nomination day, PF got headaches and decided to ban rallies and used the pandemic as a scapegoat, of which theUPND has obliged, before opting for roadshows with they thought would block HH from showing the Nation how much of a huge following he has, but backfired.

Ms Maseba further said that at it turned out, the roadshows are what the UPND actually needed and this further exposed just how popular HH had become in Lusaka and the Copperbelt, giving PF the great fear and the reality of losing.

“So out of desperation, they decided to use an old trick in the bag, Violence. This too backfired miserably as Citizens joined hands with the UPND in defending themselves against violence and further dwindled their chances at victory, ” she said.

“Out of further desperation, they have now decided to ban rallies, roadshows and any manner of campaigns in Lusaka, Mpulungu, Nakonde and Namwala and have even gone further to restrict door to door campaigns in other places, we will oblige, ” she said.

“Now watch the space as HH calls on all Zambians to turn themselves into foot soldiers for the UPND. People will now join UPND footsoldiers in campaigning door to door. This is already going on in all parts of Lusaka and the Country at large. This election is a personal matter for every Citizen, she added.

Ms Maseba ended by saying that PF will get a rude shock come 12th August as they cannot influence the people’s resolve to vote for change and that Zambians are voting for change.

“Zambians are voting for HH come 12th August 2021. Zambians want prices of cooking oil, sugar and fuel to come down.The answer is HH, ” she concluded.


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