Air Force man in Washington DC, sets himself on fire in front of Israeli embassy


An individual from the US Air Force suffered severe injuries after setting himself ablaze in front of the Israeli embassy in Washington.

The Secret Service officers put out the fire and then took the man to the hospital because he had serious injuries. This all happened on Sunday afternoon.

The US Air Force said a person who is currently serving in the military was involved in the situation, but they have not said who it is.

The police, Secret Service, and other officials are looking into the matter.

The man went on Twitch and told everyone that he is a member of the Air Force.

Before he set himself on fire, he said he didn’t want to be a part of genocide anymore. He also shouted “Free Palestine” while he was burning.

A special team that handles bombs was sent to the area because they were worried about a strange vehicle that might be related to the person.

This was later said to be not dangerous after they didn’t find any harmful things.

A spokeswoman for the embassy said that no embassy staff members were hurt in the incident.

The Israeli foreign ministry said that embassy staff did not know the man.

This has happened before when someone set themselves on fire in front of an Israeli embassy in the US.

In December, someone protesting burned themselves in front of the Israeli consulate in Georgia.

The police said the protester used gasoline, and they found a Palestinian flag at the place where it happened.


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